Han Yu Xi defeated Wang Ye in the Chinese Classic, Chen Siming and Shi Tianqi entered the top 4

On December 22, the 2016 CBSA “Shengda Xinde” Cup Chinese Billiards China Classic One 1/8 final match was launched between the world champions Han Yu and Wang Ye. In the end, the “nine-ball queen” failed to stop the “post 00” “The national champion’s offense was defeated 4:7 and missed the quarterfinals.

In the whole game, the two were anxious at the beginning of the game, but then Wang, who was gradually getting better, did not give Han Yu a chance. After the game, Han Yu also reluctantly commented on his opponent: “You played too well!” The other in the same zone. The game was a contest between “post-00s”-Shi Tianqi played against Pan Lantian, and Pan Lantian made a fatal error in the tiebreaker, allowing Shi Tianqi to seize the opportunity to win the match point, close to the quarterfinals. Pan Lantian passed his goal of the top 8 but the little girl was not frustrated at all. She just said: “I could have won, but in the end I made mistakes. I won’t make similar mistakes again and come to the Chinese elite. The game, I learned a lot, it’s worth it!”

Chen Siming, who is also a member of the national team with Han Yu, also made a strong 7:1 victory over Xu Hong, while the former Chinese Billiard World Championships champion Baige unexpectedly lost to Wang Meiyu.

In the subsequent quarter-finals, Shi Tianqi continued to face Wang Ye, which was another showdown between the “post 00s”. But this time it was “Smiling Angel” Shi Tianqi who won and reported his revenge for losing to Wang Ye in the China Open final. In the semi-finals tomorrow, she will face Chen Siming. In the 2015 Chinese Billiards China Classic Women’s Champion, Xiaotong won 9:3 over Jinpeng. In the semi-finals, the talented player Jing Siya is waiting for her. Whether she can defend her title, let us wait and see.

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