• Han Yu Xi defeated Wang Ye in the Chinese Classic, Chen Siming and Shi Tianqi entered the top 4


    Event news 2020年6月1日
  • Tianjin Qualifier Group Ended Zheng Yubo, Li Yaoqi, etc. Wang Xiaoqian Reluctantly Lost

    On October 13, 2012, the CBSA Star Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Hangzhou Station Tianjin Qualifying Tournament officially kicked off at the Tianjin Swark Santa Rosa Star Billiards Club. On the first day of the group double-elimination knockout stage, Ma Zhiyu, Li Yaoqi, Zheng Yubo, Jing Yao and others have advanced, and the famous Wang Xiaoqian lost the final game in the losing finals and missed the top 32.

    Event news 2020年6月1日

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