Installation process

Make sure that the total number of goods and the outer packing are intact
3 working days in advance
Professional installation technicians conduct on-site inspection, disassembly and video collection of the whole process (customers are not allowed to open the package without authorization, and the consequences shall be borne by themselves)
1. Make sure that the edge of the whole table is straight after installation
2. The levelness of the table surface is measured with a level meter vertically and horizontally, and the bubble is centered and the ball table is firm
3. The storage side is elastic 4.5 the storage table and ground are clean and tidy
4. The table surface is flat without wrinkles, with moderate tightness
The spare parts and the list are checked,confirmed and signed by the installation technician and the customer and signed.
1.cloth should be brushed with professional tweed tools
2 Pls use 90% dry clean towel to clean the cloth on the rail, wipe along the wool direction of the table cloth
3. The wood materials need to be wiped with 90% dry clean towel, and the effect of using wood care agent is better
4. Put the ball on the table with care
5 the club should be placed on the rack after each use
6 chalk should not be placed on the table
7 days to confirm the flatness of the table. 30 days free leveling
Warranty time of wooden parts is one year, and warranty time of slate is half a year. During the warranty period, customers are not allowed to dismantle or move billiard tables by themselves, otherwise they will bear the responsibility and repair the vulnerable parts with compensation.

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