Star signing

Dingjunhui - CN
Dingjunhui - CN
World famous Snooker SuperStar

"Champion of 2002 World Youth Championship
Champion of 2002 Asian Championship
Champion of 2003 China Billiards (Zhengzhou)Ranking Competition
Team champion of 2004 National Billiards (Shanghai)Team Championship
Champion of 2004 China Billiards (Lanzhou)Ranking Competition
Champion of 2004 China Billiards (Shanghai)Ranking Competition
2005 Top 10 Sports Celebrities Award
Champion of 2005 UK Championship
Champion of 2005 China Open
Best non Olympic mobilization award of 2005 China Top 10 Lawrence Champion Award
Champion of 2005 China Billiards (Huhehaote)Ranking Competition
Champion of 2006 Northern Ireland Cup
2006 China Top 10 Outstanding People Award of Post-80s Generation
Champion of 2007 China Snooker Championship (Yixing)
Champion of 2007 China Snooker Tour (Dongguan)
Champion of 2007 China Snooker Tour (Qinghai)
Champion of 2007 China Snooker Tour Finals (Yixing)
Champion of 2008 China Snooker Tour (Zhengzhou)
Champion of 2008 China Snooker Tour Finals (Yixing)
Champion of the 2009 UK Championship
Champion of 2009 China Snooker Tour (Zhangjiagang)
Champion of 2009 China Snooker Tour (Zhengzhou)
2010 CCTV Wang Laoji Star of Asian Games Award
Champion of 2010 China Snooker Tour Final (Yixing)
Champion of 2011 Snooker World Cup
Champion of 2011 Wembley Masters
Champion of 2012 Welsh Open
Champion of 2013 PTC Final
Champion of 2013 Shanghai Master
Champion of 2013 Indian Open
Champion of 2013 International Championship
Champion of 2014 German Master
2014 Media player of the Year Award
Champion of 2014 China Open
Winner of 2016 Snooker 6 Red Ball World Championship
Champion of 2016 Shanghai Masters Championship
Best non Olympic athlete of the year award of CCTV Sports Celebrities in 2007
Champion of 2017 Snooker World Cup
Best non Olympic mobilization award of China's top 10 Lawrence Champion Award in 2017
Champion of 2017 World Open
Champion of 2019 UK Championship
Top 10 players in 2019/20 season of 2020 World Snooker Tour
Ding has very strong offensive ability, he is very good at playing. We believe Ding will become the World Champion one day, and he will become a superstar. (Ronnie O'Sullivan said)"

Xiao-Ting Pan - CN
Xiao-Ting Pan - CN
Professional 9 Ball Superstar

"Champion of Women's 9-Ball Individual Competition in 2000 National Sports Conference
Champion of 2001 World Women's 9-Ball Japan(Osaka)Open
Champion of 9-Ball Women's Individual Competition in 2002 National Sports Conference
Champion of 2002 World Women's 9-Ball Japan(Osaka) Open
Champion of Women 9-Ball individual Competition in 2002 Shanghai Games
Champion of Women's Snooker in 2002 Shanghai Games
Champion of the ""King's Cup"" Men's and Women's 9-Ball Match in 2002
Champion of 2003 Women's 9-Ball Asian Cup
Runner up of 2004 Austrian Women's World Cup
Second Runner up of 2004 World Women's 9-Ball World Cup
Champion of 2005 World Women's 9-Ball Open(Osaka, Japan)
WPBA rookie of the year 2006
Second Runner up in 2006 9 Ball
Runner up of 2006 Women's 8 ball
Champion of Women's 9-Ball individual competition in 2006 National Sports Conference
Champion of 2007 WPBA Lake Classic
Second Runner up of2007 WPBA Carolina Classic
2008 U.S. Women's Professional 9 ball BCA Open
Champion of 2008 World women's 9-Ball open in Osaka, Japan
Champion of 2009 WPBA Tour Los Angeles Championship
Second Runner up of 2009 World Women's 9 ball Championship
Champion of 2010 CBSA 9 ball Open
Champion of 2010 WPBA Annual final
Champion of 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games Women's 9 ball Championship
Champion of Ordos station in 2011cbsa international 9-Ball open
Champion of 2011 Eerduosi International Open
Top 8 of 2011 World Women's 9 ball Championship
Champion of 2012 ""Meitu CITS"" Cup Fangshan International Open
Champion of 2013 CBSA International 9-Ball Open Champion
Runner up of women's 9-Ball World Championship 2017"

Liu yang - CN
Liu yang - CN
The magic boy of "the first shot of Binhai"

"Champion of 2010 Tianjin Jinjue New Year Grand Prix (first ranking competition)
Second runner up of 2012 CBSA ""Xingpai Cup"" National Chinese Pool Ranking Competition (Shenyang)
Champion of 2012CBSA ""Xingpai Cup"" National Chinese Pool Ranking Competition (Zibo District)
The Winner of first Charming Billiards Competition in Tianjin in 2012
2012 ""love to help blind children"" friendship competition - love image ambassador
Second runner up of 2013 CBSA ""Xingpai National Chinese Pool Ranking Competition (Tianjin)
Runner up of 2013 CBSA ""Xingpai Cup"" national Chinese Pool Ranking Competition (Tangshan qualification competition)) "

Mark Williams - UK
Mark Williams - UK
"Golden left hand" famous snooker

"Tour Champion: (22 times)
1996, 1999 Welsh Open;
1996, 2000 grand prix;
1997 British Open;
1998 Irish open;
1999, 2000, 2002 Thailand masters;
1999, 2002 British Open;
2000, 2003 and 2018 World Championships;
China open 2002, 2006 and 2010;
2003, 2018 World open;
2011, 2018 German masters;
2017 Northern Ireland open;
Career single highest score: 147
As the most outstanding professional snooker player in Wales, Mark Williams won the world championships twice in 2000 and 2003. He is well known for his accuracy of a single ball, known as ""the most accurate man in the world"" and nicknamed ""Welsh potting"" They are also known as the ""seven five three heroes"" together with O'Sullivan and Higgins. They are also known as the ""Four Heavenly Kings"" together with Hendry."

Michael Hill - UK
Michael Hill - UK
Excellent Snooker and Chinese Pool player

Champion of the British 8 ball World Championships 2004, 2010, 2017, 2018, 2019
Runner up of 2016 Chinese billiards World Championship

boyu zheng - CN
boyu zheng - CN
China's "post-90s" top Chinese Pool player

"Second runner up in 2012 ""Xingpai Cup"" National Chinese Poolin (Hangzhou)Ranking Competition
Champion of 2012 Chinese Pool Ranking competition in Tianjin
Champion of 2013 Xingpai National Chinese Pool (Henan)Ranking Competition
Team champion of 2013 Chinese Pool National Championship
Champion of Chinese Pool World Championships in 2018 and 2019"

China's top billiards player

"The group second runner up and individual sixth ranking in the preliminary competition of 2005 sports conference in Southern District
Champion in Tangshan of 2014cbsa Chinese billiards Ranking Competition
Champion of Luliang station in 2018cbsa Chinese billiards Ranking Competition"

Kim Ga Young - Korea
Kim Ga Young - Korea
Famous pool player

"Winner in 1998 South Korea summer Pool Competition
The fifth ranking in the women's group of the 32nd all Japan professional open in 1998
Fourth ranking in women's group of 1999 Pusan Asian Games demonstration competition
Fourth ranking in 2001 Amway Cup World Women's fancy pool invitational tournament
Runner up in 2001 Women's Championship
Top 8 of 2009 World Women's nine ball China open
Top 16 of China open 2011
Champion of 2015 nine ball China open
Champion of CCTV new year's Cup 2010 World Women's 9-Ball World Championship (partner pan Xiaoting)"

Ronnie O'Sullivan - UK
Ronnie O'Sullivan - UK
Snooker talent player

"Tour Champion: (36 times)
1993, 1997, 2001, 2007, 2014, 2017, 2018 UK Championships;
1994 British Open;
1996 Asian classic;
1996 German open;
1998, 2000 Scottish Open;
1999, 2000 China open;
2001, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2013 World Championships;
European Open 2003;
2003 Irish masters;
2004, 2005, 2014, 2016 Welsh Open;
Grand Prix 2004;
2008 Northern Ireland Cup;
2009, 2017 Shanghai Masters;
2012 German masters;
2017 England open;
2018 World Grand Prix;
2018 and 2019 player Championships;
Tour Championship 2019;"

Judd Trump - UK
Judd Trump - UK
World snooker billiards superstar

"Tour Champion: (5 times)
20112016 China open;
2011 UK Championship;
2012 International Championships;
Australia open 2014.
Career single highest score: 147
Trump's popularity is not only because of the rapid progress of his achievements, but also because he awakened the silent personality of snooker for a long time. In this era of lack of character, trump successfully filled the vacancy. Trump is a product of this era. He has a quick mind, a quick shot, an attempt to attack and a vigor that is not seen in other players."

John Higgins - UK
John Higgins - UK
Snooker "Wizard"

"Tour Champion: (30 times)
1994, 1999, 2005, 2008 Grand Prix;
1995, 1996 international open;
1995, 1998, 2001, 2014 British Open;
1995, 1997 German open;
1997 European open;
1998, 2007, 2009, 2011 World Championships;
British Championships in 1998, 2000 and 2010;
China open 1999;
The Welsh Open in 2000, 2010, 2011, 2015 and 2018;
Shanghai Masters 2012;
Australia open 2015;
2015 International Championships;
India open 2017;
Career single highest score: 147
John Higgins is considered to be the most outstanding player with standard posture, careful tactics, balanced attack and defense, strong ability to move around the ball and stable psychological quality. Higgins's outstanding and extraordinary skills have won him 25 ranking titles, which are second only to Hendry, Davis and Ronnie O'Sullivan. Higgins's stability can be said to be the first in history. Many of his technical playing methods are regarded as classics by other players and become the required standardized playing method for beginners."

Marco Fu - HK
Marco Fu - HK
Professional snooker athletes

"Tour Champion: (3 times)
2007 grand prix;
2013 Australian Open:
Scotland open 2016;
Career single highest score: 147
Fu can make the simple things complicated and the short things long, and then you will lose the town. (Higgins review)"

xiaofang Fu - CN
xiaofang Fu - CN
Chinese national billiards team player

"Women's 8-Ball champion of American style in the 4th National Sports Conference 2010
Champion of 2010 World Women's 9-Ball Championship
Bronze medal in the 16th Asian Games in 2010
Champion of 2011 ""star Cup"" nine ball professional Ranking Competition
2011 Shanghai Pudong Tangcheng ""star Cup"" 9-Ball China Open champion
Champion of CBSA women's nine ball International Open 2012
Champion of 2014cbsa Guangzhou International Open
Champion of 2017 Chinese billiards World Championship"

shasha Liu - CN
shasha Liu - CN
Chinese national billiards team player

"Second runner up of women's nine ball World Championships
Fifth place in 2012 women's 10 ball World Championship
Champion of 2015 women's nine ball World Championship
Second runner up of 2016 Chinese billiards World Championship
Second runner up of China open 2017"

Alister Cart - UK
Alister Cart - UK
"Captain" of men's snooker in England

"Tour Champion: (4 times)
2009 Wales Open;
2010 Shanghai Masters;
2013 German masters;
2016 world open;
Career single highest: 147 points"

Joe Perry - UK
Joe Perry - UK
UK Snooker player

"Tour Champion: (once)
2015 Players Tour Championship Finals
Top four of 2008 World Championships
Champion of 2013 Far East xiyinfu Cup World Tour Yixing station
Champion of 2015 CBSA World Snooker Player Tour ""Great America Xuzhou"" cup Xuzhou open (APTC3)"

Stephen Hendry - UK
Stephen Hendry - UK
Former Scottish snooker player "king of billiards"

"Champion of 1987,1990,1995 Grand Prix
Champion of the British Open 1988,1991,1999,2003
Champion of 1989 1990 Asian Open
Champion of Dubai elite Championship in 1989, 1990, 1993
Champion of the British Championship of 1989,1990,1994,1995,1996
Champion of the world championship in 1990,1992,1993,1994,1995,1996,1999
Champion of the Wembley Master in 1989,1990,1991,1992,1993,1996
CHmapion of the Welsh Open in 1992, 1997 ,2003
Champion of 1993 International Open champion
Champion of Scottish Open champion in1997, 1999
Champion of European Open champion in 1993,1994,2001
1998 Thaiand Master champion
2005 Malta Cup champion"

long Jin - CN
long Jin - CN
One of the earliest professional snooker players in China

"Champion of Liaoning Provincial elite competition in 1998
1998 Liaoning Province ""Seven Star Cup"" 16 color champion and ""Europe Europe"" nine ball Open champion
1998 national invitational champion
Champion of 1999 National Team Championship
Team and individual champion of 2001 elite competition
Runner up of 2007 China professional snooker tour Dongguan station, Qinghai station
Snooker ranked fourth in 2007 Asian Indoor Games
Individual champion of 2009 Asian Indoor Games snooker
Individual champion of 2011 Kunlun Mountain cup Snooker Open
Top 8 in 2011 China snooker Professional Tour Finals"

pengfei Tian - CN
pengfei Tian - CN
Chinese snooker

"Champion of 2002 National billiards elite competition
Champion of the first stop of 2005 snooker International Open
Second runner up of 2005 Asian Snooker Championship (under 21)
team champion and double champion 2006 Doha Asian Games snooker
champion of 2010 BTV Cup International snooker Invitational
team champion of 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games "

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