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“Xingpai” was born in 1987. After 36 years of accumulation and precipitation, Xingpai has become a well-known brand in the world’s billiard industry. Xingpai Company is now a billiards industry group company integrating professional billiard equipment production, innovation, research and development, sales, event operations, and star brokers. It has become a leading enterprise guiding the Chinese billiards market and the world billiards market.

Since the birth of Xingpai Billiards, providing high-quality products has always been the core of enterprise development. It is the first to pass the international ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 international environmental management system certification in the Chinese billiard industry. Through strict control of product quality and a scientific and systematic production management system, Xingpai has become famous all over the world.

Xingpai’s mature product quality and rigorous and scientific management process have been widely recognized by Chinese and foreign professional institutions. After rigorous technical review by WPBSA (World Professional Billiards Federation), EBSA (European Billiards Federation), IBSF (International Billiards Federation) and World Professional Snooker Federation, Xingpai billiard table has become an Asian-level game table and international professional billiards. The dedicated table for the game, the dedicated table for the Chinese billiards World Championship, the dedicated table for the Russian billiards, the official table designated by the World Billiards Federation for high-end events worldwide. At the same time, it ended the 35-year history of the World Snooker Organization using only one British brand table. This honor and trust not only belongs to Xingpai, but also belongs to China’s manufacturing industry.

Stable and mature product quality and universal recognition by authoritative organizations have continuously enhanced the brand value of Xingpai. Up to now, the Xingpai billiard tables have produced more than 300,000 pieces and exported to more than 70 countries around the world. All high-end billiards events have Xingpai appearances, making the stars of the stars converge into a starry sky.

Xingpai’s consistent product quality is not only widely recognized by authoritative organizations at home and abroad, but also sought after by many world stars, and star brokers came into being. Internationally, more than 20 international stars such as Hendry, O’Sullivan, Trump and Higgins have joined Xingpai. In China, Ding Junhui and Pan Xiaoting, who have been nurtured by Xingpai for many years, have become the leading figures in Chinese billiards, and the Xingpai Super Fleet is the world leader.

For 36 years, Xingpai has always taken the promotion of the billiard industry as its own responsibility, especially the promotion of Chinese billiards, which has played an incomparable leading role. The research and development of special cues for Chinese billiards, the popularization of Chinese billiards for national sports, and the promotion of Chinese billiards international competitions have made outstanding contributions to the development of Chinese billiards.

Product quality has established the value of the brand, and the value of the brand has won the trust of all consumers. Xingpai has become partners with more than one hundred billiard organizations in the world. Association organizations, sports bureaus, billiards equipment manufacturers, event construction operators, major authoritative media, enterprises and institutions all recognize that “Xingpai is their most reliable partner. “.

In 36 years, the stars have changed, and the stars have been brilliant in 36 years. Xingpai’s excellent product quality, scientific and effective management, and honest and credible pragmatic style have won everyone’s praise. Facing honor, Xingpai people move forward steadily without arrogance or rashness. Xingpai’s goal is the future, and the foundation of Xingpai is trust. We will work with our partners to create “the century-old star of the world”.

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