Brunei interview Reports

Brunei interview Reports

Brunei sent three players to participate in the 6th CBSA Chinese Billiards World Championships in Shangrao Yushan, Jiangxi, China. This is Brunei’s first time participating in the Chinese Billiards World Championships.Among these three players is the current president of the Brunei Billiards Association, Avadi, who lost his first qualifying game to British player Visti. “I have been playing Chinese billiards for 10 years, but this is my first time playing it. It’s difficult, and a small mistake could make you lose this game. Barry (Vesti) played very well, with a clear advantage.”Avadi introduced that Brunei has long been the most popular American style, followed by snooker. However, with other Southeast Asian countries joining the wave of Chinese billiards, Brunei billiards people also have a longing for Chinese billiards. “We want to learn Chinese billiards because we find it more challenging and may become even more popular in Brunei in the future. There are many excellent players participating in the World Championships, and we want to learn and accumulate experience. At the same time, we also want to come to Yushan to see the International Billiards Academy.” “Before coming to China, we knew that there were many high-level billiards competitions held in Yushan. Many friends said that Yushan is a great place and the people here are very friendly. Indeed, after coming here, everyone welcomed us very much. The Yushan Sports Center is very large and the environment is very good. Everything far exceeded my expectations.””At present, Brunei does not have many Chinese billiards tables. We want to learn how to play Chinese billiards well by participating in this World Championships. In the future, we will bring more star Chinese billiards tables to Brunei to strengthen our practice and continue to participate in competitions in Yushan.”

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