The king of the Chinese Open also knocked out Fisher to advance Zhang Kai: the future is limitless

“I played well, but she (Wang Ye) played better, I was two games ahead of her, but then I teeed off, she cleared the table, I teeed off again, she cleared the table again, and then I was gone.” , British player and world champion Kelly Fisher of this China Open complained after losing the match with Wang Ye.

This game played on the TV station really caught the eye. One is the 9-ball world champion, and the other is a rising star of Chinese billiards in China. It is destined to be a duel. Kelly Fisher came up with two shots to clear the table, making Xiao Wang who had been sitting in her seat a little anxious. But then, after adjusting her mentality, she suddenly made an effort, cleared the stage one after another to complete the reversal, eliminated the world champion 5:2, and successfully advanced to the next round.

After the game, Wang Ye’s master, the famous coach Zhang Kai who has been watching the game in the audience, commented on the game: “This game contains a lot of gold, and both sides played well. I thought this kid when I taught the king before. She is talented. After several years of experience, her skills, position and consciousness have all been greatly improved, and the future will be limitless.”

In other competitions, Zhang Xiaotong, Cong Jing, Jing Siya, Yang Ye and others successfully advanced to the next round, while Chen Xue, Yang Fan and other powerful female players unexpectedly fell off the horse. The intensity of the competition can be seen.

On December 1, the 2016 BSA “Groom Wine” Cup Chinese Billiards China Open will continue at the Tangshan City Stadium. The official website of the Chinese Billiards Association, LeTV Sports, and Penguin will be broadcast live. The live broadcast address is attached below:

Taiwan Association’s official website live broadcast:


LeTV Sports (You can also download the LeTV Video APP to watch)


Penguin Live (You can also download the Penguin Live APP to watch)


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