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How much does the billiard table cost? With the end of the 9-ball World Championships, WPA has also quickly upgraded its global rankings in the latest news. With her outstanding performance in the most recognized World Championships, Han Yu won the first place in the world in the 2018 Women’s WPA, and she also occupied the top three with Fu Xiaofang and Chen Siming. The men’s team has entered the world’s first place in the “most cattle water in history” due to changes in the ranking standards.

The top three women’s teams in the world have no foreshadowing. The three top competitions in the women’s 9-ball industry-World Championship champion Han Yu, China Open champion Fu Xiaofang, and An Yizhiyuan Cup champion Chen Siming are well-deserved differences Ranked in the top three, the dominant influence of the Chinese mainland women’s 9-ball is tightly unsurpassed. The semi-finals of the World Championships and its China Open won the third place, raising Kelly Fisher to fourth place, following the Chinese Army. In addition, she is also honored to be invited to participate in the Boys Fancy Pool Championship held in San Marino in March 2020. The newly reformed championship game has increased troops from the original 16-man Open to 24 people. In addition, two top female contestants are invited to participate. In addition to Kelly Fisher, the number one in the world at the end of the year will also be invited. Therefore, Han Yu is likely to become another invited target.

In addition, the 7th to 9th Chinese Taipei’s three generals, Zhou Jieyu, Wei Ziqian and Chen Heyun, promoted the second group company. “After 9 ball days” Pan Xiaoting can choose to play in recent years, but the fact that she has never missed the three games has also made her global rankings not suffered much harm. Although she was eliminated early in the upcoming World Championships, she still ranks 12th.

The global ranking of the guys has become the target of criticism. After the World Championships, the WPA upgrade ranking, “Fire Cloud Cthulhu” Zhang Ronglin returned to the world’s number one. But just one day later, the ranking of the guy changed again, deducting all the points of the 2017 season, and its CBSA points, and also adding the Kremlin Cup, the Rolling Stone Classic and its three-stop global championships and other beauty secondary coils. The competition has caused great harm to the ranking of competitors from my country and its Chinese Taipei, and the U.S. contestants benefited from the continued competition by scoring points. Among them, the larger vested interest is undoubtedly the ancient Greek contestant Kazakis. The World Championships stumbled into the semi-finals, and other races were full attendance, the Mosconi Cup’s miserable defeat and the World Championships finals lead was reversed, and the “hypocritical” Kazakis became the best in history. The global king of water, with the “model worker” feature, he will unexpectedly become Shinco’s No. 1 in the world.

The new king of the World Championships, the French wizard Joshua Feller, also returned to the world’s second place based on the huge points of the World Championships. He is only behind Kazakis by more than 300 points, and will soon be the first in the world next year. Zhang Ronglin and Ke Bingyi ranked 5th and 6th separately. Although the two are the overall champions of the U.S. Open and the China Open, the absence of the Kremlin Cup, the Rolling Stones Classic and the three global championships held by the U.S. has caused their ranking advantages to be wiped out. The biggest in mainland China is Wu Jiaqing. Fortunately, he has performed well in the World Championships and the China Open. He can still maintain the TOP16 position, ranking 14th. Dang Jinhu ranked 21st, and there were already very few other Chinese contestants in the top half. Among them, Wang Can was 42nd, Zhu Xihe was 46th, Liu Haitao slipped to 53rd, and Xu Xiaocong was 55th.

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