Pan Xiaoting’s customized personal photo “Yaohong” strikes to show off the charm of cross-border fashion_Billiards_Billiards

Xingpai pool table. Not long ago, “The Queen of Nine Balls” Pan Xiaoting shot a set of customized photo albums for a well-known brand. She was dressed in a pink early winter suit, showing youth and youth, lively and cute. The delicate makeup under the slacker, slightly curly hair, reproduces the coldness. Age-style growth and development. No wonder that in this age of looking at faces, more and more netizens are attracted by Pan Xiaoting, who looks to fight against each other, that is to say, arrogant assets.

The most well-known player in the billiards industry, Pan Xiaoting’s main performance on the ball is deeply concerned, and the development trend of cross-border marketing in multiple industries is also smooth. The fitness and sports talent supported by diligence has given her unlimited cheers and credibility, and her congenital appearance is so good that she is naturally favored by the fashion circle, whether it is the main performance of the red carpet or various awards ceremonies. , “Athlete” Pan Xiaoting’s elegant and calm temperament does not lose to big-name stars, and the brand image of physical and mental health is also favored by the news media and well-known brands.

Under the wide-angle lens, Pan Xiaoting’s glamorous “Dazzling Red” hard shots mainly show, the overall strength illustrates the distinctive charm of cross-border marketing fashion trends, such as a touch of warm sun and warm winter. I have to admit that Pan Xiaoting’s solar charm brought by sports competitions is undoubtedly an incomparable hidden wealth.

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