The Swiss dark horse looks forward to returning home and pushing snooker. O’Sullivan: Happy to compare Higgins

At the 2017 Snooker England Open, which is in full swing in Barnsley, the only Swiss professional player Usenbach shines. After completing a one-shot break and a 4-1 victory over three tournament champion Sean Murphy, the 21-year-old young player broke into the top 8 of the rankings for the first time.


Usenbach obtained his professional qualification for the first time in 2013, but was demoted two years later due to insufficient points due to his poor record. In March of this year, he was able to return to the professional stage with the title of UEFA Champions League (U-21).

Compared to the last two years without a win in his career, this year he shows obvious signs of improvement. Before the English Open, he had passed the first round of the rankings three times, gained some experience and gained a lot of confidence.

Barnsley witnessed the great potential of the Swiss teenager. On the same day, he beat the 2005 world champion Murphy 4-1, won the most beautiful battle of his career, and entered the top 8 rankings for the first time.

“When I defeated Carrington in the round of 16, I felt very nervous. I tried to adjust. Now I beat Sean Murphy and played very well, I am not nervous anymore,” ranked 91st after the game. Said Usenbach. “First of all, I have to be myself, play snooker well, and win some games. Then, I am thinking about my own country. If I can promote snooker in Switzerland, I will be very happy.”


75 Sanjie civil war detonated the day’s confrontation drama. Higgins opened the game with a strong 138 points, and then added two more 70+ shots. However, the Wizards led three times and was tied by O’Sullivan three times. In the deciding game, the Rockets completed the lore with 91 points on a single stroke, and the total score was set at an exciting 4-3. In the seven rounds of the game, each round had a high score of more than 60+ in a single stroke, which shows the strong smell of gunpowder in the peak matchup.

“Our records are similar,” Higgins currently has 29 ranked champions, and O’Sullivan has 28. At the World Championships, O’Sullivan had 5 titles and Higgins had 4 titles. “That’s very glorious, I will keep it. If someone says that I have the same brilliant career as John Higgins, I will not be humble. I am very happy to compare him with me.” O’Sullivan said.

O’Sullivan’s next round opponent is Lisowski. Obviously, this young fellow in England has realized the arduousness of the task. “I often practice with O’Sullivan, he still has terrifying strength. The game will be very difficult to play, but if you focus on it, it will not be more difficult than tonight.” 1/8 finals in the evening local time Lisowski defeated Trump, one of the favorites, 4-3.

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