The world’s strongest! WPA World Ranking’s top eight players confirmed to participate in the World Championships

The 2016 CBSA “Shangling Elevator” Cup Chinese Billiards World Championship will officially start on March 13th in Yushan, Jiangxi. The world’s top billiards elites will gather in Yushan again. The preparations for the event are now being carried out intensively, and the editor is also paying attention to all aspects of the preparation for the event at any time.

This year’s Chinese Billiards World Championship has a good foundation for the first event, with greater influence and greater appeal. It has attracted more than 350 players from 29 countries to participate. What is more noteworthy is that the top eight male and female players in the WPA world rankings have been confirmed to participate. Such a formation is rare. As one of the three major billiard associations in the world, WPA has a decisive influence on the world billiards industry, and the WPA ranking is the best proof of the strength of billiard players.

Abelton wants to protect the crown, “K of of Spades” and “Brothers Ko” strikes strongly

“Dangerous Man” Aboulton is a legend in the pool industry. In the first Chinese Billiards World Championships, he defeated Snooker ranked number one Selby and became the first “king of Chinese billiards.” This year, in the face of more billiards heroes, Abbott is bound to bear a lot of pressure.

“K of of Spades” Liu Haitao is the “victorious general” on the WPA list. As a member of the national team, Liu Haitao’s basic billiard skills are very solid, and the psychology of the game is also extremely stable. He won the third place in the first Chinese Billiards World Championships, and he is also the best performer among Chinese players. Similarly, the strength of the “Ko Brothers” from Taiwan, Taiwan should not be underestimated. His older brother Ke Bingyi won the 10-ball World Championship, the 9-ball World Championship and the Doubles World Cup three consecutive championships. His younger brother Ke Bingzhong is also a pool master.

Witch VS “Double Champion”, the billiards world heroine does not let the eyebrows

Jin Jiaying is a well-deserved “witch” in the billiards world, with lively eyes and the courage and energy of a newborn calf, and is hailed as “the hope of billiards.”

And Fisher, as a 9-ball and 10-ball double champion, is naturally not a problem, and with the experience of the first Chinese Billiards World Championships, I believe she will be more comfortable in this World Championships.

The top 8 female players in WPA also include: Taiwanese beauty-Lin Yuanjun, “Austrian Cheetah”-Jia Siming? Ou Sichun and many other well-known masters. On the Chinese-style billiards World Championships, many billiards beauties can be described as women. Beauty with billiards, let us look forward to this visual feast together!

The heroes compete, who wins the world? let us wait and see!

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