Rockets debut away from home, and Ding Junhui is still upset

On October 30th, Beijing time, on the second match day of the 2017 Snooker International Championship, O’Sullivan, who made his debut, was most enthusiastically sought after by Daqing fans. That night, although his opponent was the host Chinese teenager, from the reaction of the fans, it looked more like O’Sullivan’s home court, and its popularity was even higher than that of Ding Junhui in the next court.


O’Sullivan came to Daqing with his 29th ranked championship in his career and a halo of 147 points. In the first game, his opponent was the Chinese teenager Yan Bingtao after 00. This time, the Chinese fans are embarrassed again.

At 7:30 in the evening, when the host announced O’Sullivan’s admission, the audience suddenly burst into applause. After the game started, every time O’Sullivan made a wonderful shot, the audience burst into applause, with cheers in the middle. However, the young and old Yan Bingtao was not affected by this, calmly and fully devoted to the game. But seeing the post-00 teenager didn’t change his face, he launched a fierce attack as soon as he seized the opportunity, neatly winning the two cities with 68 and 89 points in a single shot.

Yan Bingtao made a mistake in the third game. O’Sullivan made a 111-point shot and the rocket lifted off to bring the atmosphere to a climax. At this time, Yan Bingtao’s powerful psychological qualities are impressive. In the fourth game, he did his part to return 91 points, leading the top star again by two innings.

Yan Bingtao remained unrelenting after the break, adding another 52 points and 73 points in a single stroke, holding a large match point 5-1. In this game, Yan Bingtao has zeroed the Rockets four times. O’Sullivan failed to start the counterattack as the fans expected. In the end, the top post-00 post-00s in Taiwan defeated the number one superstar 6-1, bursting out the biggest upset of the game.

In the second round of the National Championships held in Chengdu in 2013, the famous Chinese player Liang Wenbo eliminated O’Sullivan 6-4. After the game, Liang Wenbo complained that the support of O’Sullivan made him feel like he was playing away. Today, although the fans of Daqing also gave O’Sullivan the warmest applause, when Yan Bingtao showed great color, the fans also gave out applause of encouragement and applause.

O’Sullivan and Yan Bingtao’s game was arranged on the second station, and the next station was Ding Junhui and Oliver Lines. Perhaps because Ding Junhui has completed his debut last night, today’s fans have poured more enthusiasm into O’Sullivan. Looking around the stadium, the audience seats on the second stage where O’Sullivan was located were full, and there were almost no vacancies. His popularity obviously overwhelmed Ding Junhui at the same time.

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