More than 400 international billiards masters will once again discuss Jianyushan

On February 16, China·Shangrao·Yushan 2017 CBSA “Yaqi Group” Cup 3rd Chinese Billiards World Championship press conference was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. It was officially announced that the event would be held in March.

The Chinese Billiards World Championship is sponsored by the World Fancy Pool Association (WPA), the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, the Chinese Billiards Association, the Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau, and the Shangrao Municipal People’s Government. The World Professional Billiards Association (WPBSA), the International Billiards Association Supported by IBSF and undertaken by Yushan County People’s Government and Beijing Xingpai Weiye Sports Development Co., Ltd. The current qualifying competition will be held from March 6th to 11th, and the main match will be held from March 13th to 16th.

The Chinese Billiards World Championship has been officially incorporated into the international competition system. The total prize money of the tournament is more than 3 million yuan, the men’s champion prize is 600,000 yuan, and the women’s champion prize money is 400,000 yuan. More than 400 players from more than 40 countries will participate in this tournament. Robertson, Higgins, Alberton, Jin Jiaying and other world famous players will all be present. In addition to many international stars participating in the competition, members of the Chinese national pool team will also participate in all.

It is understood that Yushan began hosting the Chinese Billiards World Championships in 2015 and is the first county-level city in the country to host top international sports events. Yushan County, which has successfully hosted two Chinese Billiards World Championships and held the Snooker World Open in 2016, has become increasingly famous as a “China Tourist City and China’s Billiard Capital”.

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