Fu Jiajun and Liang Wenbo leave the field, Lv Haotian and Li Xing make the first 16 rounds of the second competition

The 2017 Snooker British Championship entered the third round of competition. In the derby, Fu Jiajun lost to Lu Haotian 4-6, and Liang Wenbo lost to Maguire 5-6. The two runners-up runners in the British Championship stopped at the same time, while Li Xing and Lu Haotian broke into the second round of 16 for the first time. .


After the first two rounds, a total of 6 Chinese players entered the top 32. Except for Fu Jiajun and Liang Wenbo, who had won the runner-ups, the other four have not made the second round of the 16th, and hit a new high in this move.

On that day, four Chinese players took the lead, but the results were surprising. The two former runners-up stopped at the same time, and the other two renewed their new results in the Barbican Center as they wished.

During the civil war, the 20-year-old player Lv Haotian played against Fu Jiajun, the 8th seed of the tournament. Lu Haotian returned to his career this year after being silent for two years. At the Northern Ireland Open last month, he just set a new professional high with a beautiful top 4. Taking advantage of this momentum, this week, he is even more eager to prove his strength in the second competition. On that day, he scored the first game with 121 points in a single stroke and brought the score to 2-0 57-36. Fu Jiajun scored a single shot with 63 points and Lu Haotian scored 85 points in a row and continued to lead 3-1 for two games.

After the break between the innings, the two of you chased me. Fu Jiajun scored 60 points and won the fifth game. Lu Haotian closed the sixth game with 85 points. Then Fu Jiajun responded with 87 points. In the face of Fu Jiajun’s pressing steadily, Lu Haotian did not panic. In the eighth game, he steadily played 77-28 and made another victory, 5-3 taking the lead in winning the match point.

Fu Jiajun 64-24 only saved one match point, and Lu Haotian sealed the victory with 80 points on a single stroke. In this way, Lu Haotian won 6-4 to Fu Jiajun, who has three ranking tournament titles, and broke into the second largest ranking tournament for the first time.

Like Lu Haotian, Li Xing also set a new professional high with a top 4 in the China Championships this year. Similarly, he had never made it to the third round in the second big game before. His signing in this competition does not look very good, but as the top seed burst out in the previous round, he ushered in an excellent opportunity.

On that day, Scottish rookie Donaldson had no shadow of the end of Selby in the previous round. Li Xing opened straight to the three cities. During the first and third innings, he scored 134 and 58 points in a single stroke. Donaldson barely recovered a bit of face with 61-54 in the fourth game. After that, Li Xing continued to expand his advantage. In the end, he returned with a 6-1 victory and renewed the results in the Barbican Center with Lu Haotian.

Liang Wenbo and Maguire played 11 games, Liang Wenbo led four times and was tied four times. Maguire came from behind and won the match point first. Liang Wenbo dragged the game into the decisive game and regrettably lost. In this way, the two former runners-up Liang Wenbo and Fu Jiajun stopped at the same time.

On the next day of the game, Yan Bingtao and Xiao Guodong will join hands to launch an impact on the top 16. Among them, Yan Bingtao will face the Scottish wizard Higgins and Xiao Guodong will face Thai player Sancam.

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