The top ten online lover rankings are released, and the noble temperament of the nine ball gods is unmatched

News background The ranking of “China’s Top Ten Online Lovers” was officially released, and 10 goddesses including Zhang Xinyu, Pan Xiaoting, Zhang Yiyi, Gao Yuanyuan, Lin Chiling, Fan Bingbing, Li Yifeng, Lin Dan, Wang Junying, and Wang Sicong were selected. The nine-goal queen Pan Xiaoting ranked second only to Zhang Xinyu, and ranked first in the sports world.

“Carpet Star Incident” Wang Sicong, Fan Bingbing, and Zhang Xinyu are very lively. In the eyes of the “national husband”, the young stars in the mainland are all based on lace scandals, revealing costumes and hype packaging. There are no real classic works and excellent talents. See more. Although Fan Bingbing and Zhang Xinyu were red and purple, they did not benefit from the admiration and respect of the world. On the contrary, they benefited from the evil thoughts of the world.

Pan Xiaoting, the queen of nine goals, ranked second in China’s top ten online lovers, overwhelming the welfare of otaku such as Fan Bingbing, Lin Chiling, Liu Yan, and Yang Mi. In my opinion, such an achievement is much more meaningful than the national table tennis winning another gold medal-refusing to disband the national team, refusing to participate in the name of the individual, the national table tennis confines the player’s personality and freedom, and violates the national policy of sports industrialization. , And the connotation of sports is more than just championships. For example, billiards make Pan Xiaoting more beautiful.

If you hadn’t encountered nine goals, Pan Xiaoting might be an ordinary girl with a bit of beauty. This low-rise Shandong girl has no capital to compare with Fan Bingbing and Zhang Xinyu. However, the nine-ball sport awakened Pan Xiaoting’s unique and unique temperament. She played focused, glamorous, and breathtaking beauty. When she took a shot, the audience would be silent, eager to see through, and the queen’s aura was undoubtedly revealed.

This is an era in which sensational effects and intuitive influence are above all else. This is an era in which fame becomes more important than the achievement itself that brings fame. In order to make headlines and fight for a position, female entertainers in the entertainment industry show off their chests and explode gossip. It’s also pretty hard. The nobleness of Pan Xiaoting lies in the fact that she is a rare female star in China who has wrapped herself tightly and can still have a variety of styles and unlimited springtime.

Many spectators waited in front of the TV, not to watch the billiards game, but to watch Pan Xiaoting’s performance. Pan Xiaoting’s manner of aiming and hitting the ball with frowns is regarded as the iconic “Pan-style sexy”-in ancient times, there were Xi Shi frowns with heart-warming frowns, and the frowns of Daiyu’s funeral flowers. Compared with the sickly charming, Pan Xiaoting’s Frowning is full of seriousness, perseverance and murderousness, and it is more in line with a healthy and positive modern aesthetic.

It is true that Pan Xiaoting will inevitably fall into the confusion of popular eroticism. A foul of accidentally pressing the ball on the chest led to a heated discussion of “the big ball pressing the small ball”. Every time Pan Xiaoting competes, the broadcast camera will show a close-up of her twin peaks and hips. I have to admit that Pan Xiaoting’s textbook-like dribbling moves can better show the curve of its golden ratio-chest, solitary, like a towering tomb; hips, full, like a harvested wheat store.

People who have something good on social media initiate a discussion, Fan Bingbing and Pan Xiaoting choose one, who do you want? The vast majority of them prefer Pan Xiaoting, the reason is nothing more than some tricks. The nine-ball black widow Janet Lee and the little witch Jin Jiaying are well-known for their avant-garde dresses, while Pan Xiaoting and her team’s cleverness is to do the opposite, creating a conservative, rigorous and intellectual traditional oriental female image, as 33 The year-old beauty has never been rumored. She wins with no tricks and wins with good tastes.

Nine-Ball is not a sport that attracts gold. The prize money of the World Championships is only 40,000 US dollars. However, Pan Xiaoting, through crazy cross-border, dabbled in racing, equestrian, golf, cycling and other competition fields, appeared in Tiantianxiangxiang, Happy Camp, Avenue of Stars, and Stars. Dancing together and other variety shows, actively participating in various commercial promotion and charity activities, published two autobiography in just a few years, worth millions of dollars, it has become a billiard version of Shawa.

We should applaud Pan Xiaoting’s luxury and elegance more than the collective captive and cookie-cutter champion athletes. From the perspective of personal charm exploration, commercial brand promotion, and public image maintenance, she is almost impeccable.

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