Pan Xiaoting appeared in “Tucao Conference” to make fun of Zou Shiming as “fear of his wife”

Xingpai pool table. Not long ago, the latest variety show of “Tucao Conference” entered the sports cultural tour. As the only player in the whole show, and the only special guest of the lady, Pan Xiaoting’s words are not astonishing and endless. , Let the audience see the “brave and good combat” of the ridicule industry. Whether it was friends Li Xiaopeng, Zou Shiming, or Chen Yiru, who was born as a contestant, all failed to escape Pan Xiaoting’s ridicule.

Pan Xiaoting, whom the audience knows, is a goddess with an open temperament in the game, and a charming and beautiful girl who is full of blood and resurrected in daily life. Too few people have seen her three-inch tongue. This time, she was invited to embark on it. In “Tucao Conference”, Pan Xiaoting seems to have lifted her own “gossip” small universe. Not only is she hailed as Chen Yiru as the “aircraft black box” in Fahrenheit, her gossip heart is eager to do things in the Fahrenheit elite team. Strong interest. For Li Xiaopeng and Zou Shiming, two friends for many years, Pan Xiaoting’s exposure is that Li Xiaopeng loves to jump up and down, and Zou Shiming is afraid of his wife. The clear style has attracted audiences and special guests. There was a burst of laughter.

People are not as good as heaven, and Pan Xiaoting also failed to avoid the complaints of other special guests. Insufficient skills, hard work, not because of the good luck titled “Koi Yu”, it is simply bitter after thinking about it, but it is inexplicable and a little touched, the mentality determines everything “Koi Yu Ting”, it seems that everyone should learn and train. . The next sentence “Faye Wong did not verify that she is the Queen of Heaven” also made Pan Xiaoting’s verification of “After the Billiard Days” a goal of constant ridicule. However, the picture of the door god in the coming New Year is under the “wisdom” of netizens. With new artistic creativity, afterwards, Snooker Pan Tianhou and Tota Lee Tianwang will jointly claim that they will become the new “peace and blessing” for all members.

Although she released herself in “Tucao Conference” and tried to meet the audience through a talk show for the first time, Pan Xiaoting did not forget her true purpose from beginning to end. As she said in the end, “An outstanding player must not only have Excellent examination results also allow a large number of people to master and love his new projects.” Pan Xiaoting’s cross-border marketing of games and entertainment from sports culture, everyone sees not only her beautiful and beautiful side, but also the cognitive ability of billiards acquired by hearing and witnessing. It is Pan Xiaoting’s purpose for tirelessly focusing on marketing and promoting billiards. She hopes that under her promotion, her favorite sports will be popularized and recognized by everyone. It doesn’t seem to be too difficult to express. Why Pan Xiaoting has the confidence to verify the term “after the sky”, and no one can surpass it for more than 20 years. The term “after the sky” is really not an arbitrary name.

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