China Open Volunteer Guanjun: Just want to make a contribution to his hometown

On November 15, the 2015 “China Sports Lottery” Cup Chinese Billiards China Open entered the final day. Volunteers have been active in the arena from the beginning of the qualifying round to the present. It is because of their existence that the various tasks of the game can be carried out smoothly.

Guanjun is one of the ordinary volunteers. The girl who can’t beat every day and arrives at the stadium on time is a local from Yushan, and Yushan County No. 1 Middle School, the main venue of the Chinese Open of Chinese Billiards, is her alma mater. Talking about the 2015 Chinese Billiards World Championships and the holding of the current Chinese Billiards China Open in her hometown, her eyes are full of pride: “Because Yushan is a small county, but we can host such a large event. As a Yushan, I still Very proud. This shows that Yushan is developing step by step.”

Guan Jun, currently a graduate student in fashion design at Soochow University, has been fond of playing billiards since high school. After studying, billiards has become a spice for her after school. After seeing the news about the recruitment of volunteers for this open competition on the Internet, on the eve of graduation, she asked for leave from the school and signed up for volunteers. “In addition to loving billiards, I just think I want to do something for my hometown and my alma mater.”

There are many volunteers like Guanjun in Yushan. The huge volunteer group has provided good services for the 2015 Chinese Billiards World Championship and the 2015 Chinese Billiards China Open, and is a strong guarantee for the smooth progress of the event. The reporter learned from the Yushan County Party Committee of the Communist Youth League that in order to cooperate with the holding of various Chinese billiards tournaments in Yushan, the Yushan County Committee of the Communist Youth League will strive to build Yushan from online to offline, from various enterprises and institutions to teachers and students. County volunteer team. At the same time, the quality of volunteers is guaranteed from the aspects of training, logistics, qualification certification, etc., and the needs of the competition are met in terms of quantity and quality.

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