Williams 1-6 left with the Rockets, the younger son suggested to help him win back a city

In the early morning of January 19th, Beijing time, the 2018 Snooker Masters had just entered two rounds, and the three masters of 75 lost two generals. After O’Sullivan 1-6 was taken by Mark Allen, Williams also left with the same ratio. It was Karen Wilson, the young king born in the 90s, who defeated him.


In the first round, Mark Williams 6-5 lore the world number one Mark Selby, and the three masters of 75 have gathered in the top 8 of the Masters for the first time in the past few years. However, the time for this “party” was too short.

In the second round, opponent Karen Wilson eliminated Hawkins 6-4 in the previous round, bringing the post-90s the first victory of the Masters. On that day, Wilson, nicknamed “Warriors”, was indeed extraordinary. He opened straight to the five cities and went straight to the match point 5-0. In the sixth game, Jin’s left hand, who had won the masters twice in the Masters, finally recovered, 81-13 to save a bit of face.

However, Williams failed to reverse the decline, Wilson single-stroke 76 points to seal the victory, so Williams also went with O’Sullivan with a score of 1-6.

The two-time world championship is so sluggish, not only the fans can’t stand it, but even his son can’t sit still. The score came to 5-0, Williams’ son leaned over and was shot straight by the camera. “Mark Williams’ son is here. I don’t know if he will give him some advice.” “(Maybe) he is saying’Don’t give up, Dad'”, the British TV host said excitedly.

Maybe his son’s words worked. After the game restarted, Williams took a game back to avoid the embarrassment of being swept away.

With this victory, Wilson further secured the post-90s leadership position. “Mark (Williams)’s performance is amazing, but playing in front of so many people, it is really difficult for such an occasion.” Wilson is grateful that this game has improved himself a little bit. “The next round will be tough for either Sean (Murphy) or Judd (Trump). They are both offensive players and very aggressive.”

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