Southern People Weekly Interview with Pan Xiaoting: I am most worried about my health

Xingpai Pan Xiaoting’s fate with billiards is a blue ray, but vibrant, like a seven-character quatrain from the age when she grew up. In those years, the streets of Chinese cities were filled with large and small billiard halls, primitive, primitive, and shirtless teenagers lingering in them, forming the collective memory of a generation. Under the guidance of her father, Pan Xiaoting worked hard for many years, confused and complaining, but never gave up, and her skills tended to the extreme. Nowadays, the game of billiards has become standardized, mature and decent, and Pan Xiaoting has also faded from the gray. What a typical Chinese story.

How a person tells himself is a very interesting thing, just like the different paradigms of historical research, some of them always occupy the discourse hegemony. Although the model of “Rise of Genius” is too widespread, it is fascinating and concise. It does reveal some facts that are easy for ordinary people to understand, such as perseverance and diligence. I often think that a very important reason why Western-centrism historical narratives is popular is actually the lower intellectual threshold.

Pan Xiaoting’s favorite movie, known as the “Queen of Nine Balls”, is “Forrest Gump”. She said that the anti-intellectual ideology in it has many similarities with her early experience.

In 1998, 16-year-old Pan Xiaoting followed her father to Beijing to participate in the national women’s nine-ball match. At that time, it was only half a year since she came into contact with billiards. Half a year ago, Father Pan, who opened a billiards club in Yanzhou, Shandong, accidentally discovered his daughter’s talent, and taught loosely for three to four months. Then he signed up and bought station tickets and went to Beijing.

Pan Xiaoting’s stalwart and omnipotent father lost a lot of smiles in order to find her guidance, “Hello teacher, my daughter especially likes watching you play. She is about to play a game. I am also non-professional. , So can you give me some pointers?” The teacher looked at Pan Xiaoting, Fang Fang’s face, wearing a pair of glasses, very shy, and he didn’t dare to speak out during questioning. After putting the snake color, Pan Xiaoting picked up the cue and immediately changed the person. The teacher said, “It’s quite murderous.”

When they were in Beijing, Pan Xiaoting and her father wanted to save money as much as possible. They lived in a moist hotel converted from a bomb shelter for 15 yuan per night, and they always ordered a fish-flavored pork shreds and two bowls of rice. The only thing my father cared about was training and adapting to the stadium. He lined up outside the hall half an hour early every day. He always trot to grab the table after the door opened, although no one competed with them.

More than fifty players gathered in that national competition. Pan Xiaoting was the youngest one, but she reached the final without any risk. Due to the fierce fight between Pan Xiaoting and the opponent, the final was overtime by almost an hour than usual, so that the international masters who were preparing to perform after the game yawned. After hitting the last No. 9 ball, Pan Xiaoting pouted, “Finally got it through.”

But this slightly unexpected champion is of great significance to Pan’s father. He made up his mind to let Pan Xiaoting take the billiard path, and he must not waste his talent. My father told Pan Xiaoting that the king of billiards, Hengdeli, spends 12 hours a day in practice. Your skills are far worse, so you have to spend more time. Her father set a goal for her, “To win the best 9-ball player in Chinese men, and then you can go to the world to play against women.” In those two years, Pan Xiaoting often had trouble with her father, and the rigorous training always made her wonder if it was right. This kind of ridiculous problem of my own. Since then, she has followed her father to participate in competitions across the country and apprenticeships to learn art. Naturally, her results are very good, so that as long as other contestants know that Pan Xiaoting is participating, they plan to compete for second place early.

Later, Pan Xiaoting won the World Championship and rushed into the top three in the WPBA rankings. Coupled with her beautiful appearance, she was approaching entertainment stars. She gradually became famous and became a topic, and it also caused some inexplicable discussions. This is probably an annoyance for all celebrities.

Father Pan showed the natural pride of a father for his daughter’s fame. When the daughter was around, he often said to strangers, “Recognize it? Would you like to take a picture?” This reminds Pan Xiaoting of her flexibility when she was a child. Sex is particularly good, legs can be bent to an amazing arc, with fever and cold, father always takes the opportunity to take her to the orthopedics department, to show the doctor his daughter’s abilities, “legs can be like this, come on, do one, okay? Oh okay. ”

If it hadn’t been arranged by my father, what would it be like now? Courageous and adventurous, Pan Xiaoting said that her early dream was to be an overlord flower. If she did not play billiards, she felt that she would be excellent in other fields as well. “If I were to learn other things, I would definitely have talent.” Pan Xiaoting practiced for 5 days and performed exceptionally during the official run, which was more than 1 second faster than the famous semi-professional player Lin Zhiying.

Later, Pan Xiaoting met Hengdeli who was used by her father to motivate her for hours on the field. “Do you really practice for more than 12 hours a day?” He replied, no, up to 6 hours.

This is the story Pan Xiaoting has told on many occasions. Talent is such a thing. People always dress it up with more morally justified masks and put it in an understandable order, just like people who always want to dismantle magic. However, the world is therefore much boring.

People Weekly: Are you satisfied with your current situation?

Pan Xiaoting: It’s okay, it can be better, I think it’s definitely not the best now. People are pursuing different things in each time period. I have achieved all the results that should be achieved in playing ball. It will only be the icing on the cake. Now I hope that more people can know about billiards, and if I think about it a little bit more selfishly, I would like to have a label. In my case, everyone mentioned billiards, and it was the first one (think of me), not the first time, because Ding Junhui must be the first time. So when it comes to 9 ball or women’s billiards, I can think of me at the first time. I think this is a sense of accomplishment.

In addition, I hope that people will learn about billiards from a positive and positive perspective, instead of being played by the vagrant, not a professional sports, which is linked to gambling and game consoles, but it has slowly turned around. Came here, but I think it could be better.

People Weekly: What do you think of your parents and their growing up? Do you understand them?

Pan Xiaoting: They are relatively simple, my dad has that fierce energy, he looks for one thing, like the iron man Wang Jinxi. He worked so well in the unit before and was respected. In order for me to practice billiards well, he had to go out to find someone, ‘look at how my daughter is playing, can you teach her? ’And he took me to buy a station ticket and live in the basement. For a child, she is numb, and she naturally accepts whatever the environment is. But for a person who has experienced a lot of wind and rain, my mother told me that she admires our father and me very much.

I think I’m a person of hindsight. When I came out to play at the age of 16, I didn’t know anything about the world. I used to be in the palms of my parents. Now I can finally get out of my hands and understand the pains and feelings of my parents. There are fewer and fewer disputes between us.

People Weekly: What are your expectations for your next generation?

Pan Xiaoting: I think it’s good for him to be happy. He will also learn a lot, try a lot of different skills, and see which ones are better, and then focus on training, but he still has to respect his personal wishes. He also considers billiards as an option, depending on whether he likes it or not.

People Weekly: What do you think of the prospects of your field? Refers to women’s billiards.

Pan Xiaoting: Very good, this is not a lie, at least I am not alone. When I participated in a world competition for the first time in 2000, my dad took me to Japan to register, contact, and qualify for the competition. It took a lot of trouble to find a venue there. We started to set up the national team in 2009, and every time we go out, we have a unified arrangement. When China started to host tournaments, everyone didn’t have to go abroad and could play games at home. There were a lot of dark horses. They played directly to the championship from the side games. This is very helpful to the promotion of Chinese billiards. Commercially It is also getting hotter.

People Weekly: Among your peers, who do you admire most? why?

Pan Xiaoting: I most appreciate people who can arrange their time very reasonably. They have to have time to eat breakfast, arrange their work well, and have time to exercise, spend time with their family, and read books. I can’t do this, I admire those who can do it.

People Weekly: Responsibility, rights and personal freedom, which do you value most?

Pan Xiaoting: I think responsibility is the most important. Responsibility is the foundation. It is equal to 1. Right and freedom are 0. Only 1 and 0 are meaningful. Therefore, I think that only by fulfilling responsibilities can we enjoy rights and freedom.

People Weekly: What is one of the more cherished qualities of yourself? What is the disadvantage that I want to improve most?

Pan Xiaoting: One of my good qualities is that I can endure hardships, such as what I had to bear at the beginning. If I experience it again now, I can still do it. What I want to improve most is the arrangement of time. When my personality is slow, I can be very slow, and sometimes very anxious, it is not stable.

People Weekly: The book or movie that has the most impact on you.

Pan Xiaoting: My favorite movie is “Forrest Gump”, which shows the Forrest incident in American social and political life for decades. Forrest Gump has also become a symbol of American society’s idealized morality. In fact, the trend of anti-intellectual movies like this is people’s attention to current social issues. I have been engaged in billiards for so many years, and I can respond to this movie, so when I watched it, I felt very touched.

People Weekly: Where is the least willing to waste time? Where are you most willing to spend it?

Pan Xiaoting: I don’t want to waste the preparation work before going out. This time I spend a long time each time, such as washing and paying attention to makeup and appearance. This is what I struggle most every day. I am most willing to spend, such as spending time with my family, reading books for myself, watching TV series, and enjoying my private space relatively quietly.

People Weekly: What are you still worried and worried about now?

Pan Xiaoting: I think the most important thing is health. Sometimes it’s too hard and the work and rest can’t follow a healthy biological clock, so I worry, and I’m also worried about my mental condition, that is, whether there will be positive emotions. I don’t want to be caused by work pressure. Negative energy is transmitted to the people around. My mother said that she wants to be healthy and stay with me for many, many years. My mentality is the same, so she is worried about my health and the health of my parents.

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