Originally, Ding Junhui was going to start the opener of the Tour Championship, but it was postponed.

On March 17, less than three hours before the start of the tournament, WST (World Snooker Tour) officially announced that due to the impact of the new crown virus, the game will be postponed. The original announcement is as follows: WST and ITV (Independent Television Sports) have jointly studied and decided to postpone the Snooker Tour Championship in Llandudno, Wales this week in order to prevent the spread of the new crown virus.

The Snooker Tour Championship was held for the first time last year. It is a heavyweight ranking event. Only the top eight players in a single season can qualify for the competition. It is also known as the “strongest 8-man tournament.” In the first round of the game, a 9-win system of 17 games was adopted, divided into two stages, and the semi-final was a system of 19 games and 10 wins. Although there is no defending champion this year, the eight players who participated in the competition are still star-studded, namely Trump, Murphy, ,,, Yan Bingtao, Allen.

Originally Ding Junhui will play against Robertson tonight, starting the opener, and Yan Bingtao will also appear in the early morning. However, less than three hours before the game, the game was postponed and it was tentatively postponed to July 21-26 this year.

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