2019 Hainan Sanya World Women’s 9-Ball Championship Top 16 Lineup

On December 17, the 2019 Hainan Sanya World Women’s 9-Ball Championship went through three matches in one day and the top 16 lineups were decided. This time the top 16 lineup is luxurious, and no one is left behind. Chen Siming, Han Yu, Liu Shasha and many other world champions formed the death zone.

Today’s schedule is quite harsh for the losing players. At noon, the two rounds of back-to-back double-loss knockout rounds will be stopped first, and the promoted side will have to stop a single-loss fight in the evening. At the same time, the end of today’s competition also means that three-quarters of the players in the in-conference match have been eliminated.

was defeated in the first round of radicals. The unexpectedly dropped players such as Zhou Jieyu, Chen Jiahua, Xia Yuying, and Hiraguchi Jiegui all passed the first hurdle without any suspense. Among them, the previously reversed “Big Eye Girl” directly vented their grievances to Indian player Chitra and sent his opponent out 7-0. The biggest upset in this round was Gu Zhengqing from Chinese Taipei, who lost to Portugal’s Vanya Franco in the final round. He was in good shape in the extra game and ended the trip to Sanya.

The losing promotion round is also a life-and-death battle for the players. Among those out of this round, the most regrettable player is Xia Yuying. In the critical stage of the competition, the timing of consecutive missed lore was finally punished, and Chen Ruolin was defeated by a 5-7 loss to Chen Ruolin. In addition, Chen Jiahua lost to the teenager Fan Langtong 1-7 and also announced that he missed the top 32. Because of the clear strengths and weaknesses of other competitions, almost no accidents occurred. Zhou Jieyu, Wang Xiaotong, Huang Qingning, Cheska and other famous players who fell into the losing team yesterday won two consecutive victories and caught the last train of the top 32.

At 4 pm, the conference held a single-loss draw for the top 32. The 16 players who were promoted from the winning team were ranked in a serpentine manner based on the double-loss results, and the losing players were drawn into the place. At 6 o’clock in the evening, the 32-in-16 single-loss stage was stopped, and the competition was based on a 17-round 9-win system.

In this round, as long as Liu Xiazhi was blocked by the six golden flowers of the national team, she lost 6-9 to Huang Qingning, who was still regarded as the “BOSS”, so she was not unpopular. The teenager Zhang Muyan got off to a successful start and was chased by the “big-eyed girl” Zhou Jieyu to the end of the game, but she still won with surprises. Fu Xiaofang was also the winner of the endgame. He played a passive role in the start and finally turned 9-8 against the Japanese beauty. In addition, Han Yu, Liu Shasha, and Chen Siming in the lower half of the district all achieved overwhelming success. The other competitions were similarly unreliable, and the sought-after players simply survived the first round of single defeat. The only regret is that Chen Ruolin lost to Olympian star Oschun at 8-9 when she took the match point first, and players such as Kelly Fisher, Chen Heyun, Wei Ziqian and other talented players who challenged the dominant position of the mainland also went smoothly. Pass.

Tomorrow, the single-loss phase will still stop three games a day, until the final two sides.

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