Interview with Wang Tao, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the Chinese Billiards Association, I look forward to the regeneration of Chinese billiards

Xingpai pool table. With Robertson’s victory over Sofsky in the finals, another global snooker China Open ended perfectly. Wang Tao, deputy secretary and chairman of the China Billiards Association, expressed in an interview with a reporter from the Beijing News that the sport of billiards is experiencing new development trends in our country and hopes to enter the “second early spring.”


“The China Open in Beijing has been successfully concluded for 15 years. It has become a personal business card for Beijing and for snooker fitness. In 2005, Ding Junhui’s victory also added a touch of gloss to this personal business card. “Wang Tao expressed.

At the China Open that year, Ding Junhui defeated the “Billiard Emperor” Hendry and won his first overall championship in the rankings, which also brought the development trend of my country’s billiard fitness into a fast path. After 15 years, the speed of galloping on the road has slowed down to a certain extent.

Wang Tao bluntly said that in the past two years, the population of billiards in our country was about 70 to 80 million, but at this stage the people’s choices are more diverse. According to the survey, the total number of billiard halls has been reduced by about 20%, and the total population of billiards at this stage is about 50 million. “But at this stage, the game management system for the three new billiards (snooker, new Chinese, and 9 ball) has already been established, so the relative harm suffered is not quite large.”

Wang Tao expressed that the research committee is also considering whether to put the China Open in a second, third or even fourth-tier city. “Did it carry out the important task of a historical period of time? Does it need to change the venue?”

Jiangxi Yushan previously held the Snooker Global League and the Chinese Billiard World Championships. The passion of the audience there left Wang Tao with an unforgettable impression. “Every event in Yushan is overwhelming, and the masses feel that it is a real blessing to be able to see a post game. (The Chinese Open) should be such a good game where the common people must, and people have to put it in. Where to go.”

“zero tolerance”

Before the Chinese Billiards World Championships at the beginning of this year, the China National Taiwan Association made a decision to increase the life-time suspension of Yu Delu, who played counterfeiting.

In May 2018, Yu Delu was temporarily suspended for gambling and was under investigation. In December, the investigation report was announced. He was punished by the Global Post Billiards and Snooker Research Association for his control of the game and gains. Competition, and the increased punishment of the China Taiwan Association immediately announced the end of his career development.

“The relevant welfare lottery is actually at a reasonable and legal level in the United States, but every contestant will sign an agreement on the day when they enter the post game, and football players and related personnel are prohibited from participating.” Wang Tao stated, before. There have been some small signs. In 2016, she came to the UK from afar to give the British football players a warning education class. There were very few similar situations since then, but Yu Delu did not stop. “Therefore, in order to beautify the environment, people will increase the penalty for lifetime suspension. Own goals, gambling, and stimulant problems should be zero tolerance in the sports industry.”

In addition to giving a fine, the China Taiwan Association has also issued three current policies: signing an agreement with the World Taiwan Association to coordinate and control football players; establishing a post-snooker football player federation; and launching warnings before all Chinese competitions. Educational meeting.

“Ding Junhui, Liang Wenbo, and Tian Pengfei in the Football Players’ Federation are all well-known clean football players, and they are also a means of dispatch by the Research Association.” Wang Tao said that the Research Association is currently cooperating with the company to establish a training center in Sheffield, the United States. The social development resources integrate the football players who go to the UK to sign up for the job competition, and their training life is to supervise and ensure.

“After Ding Junhui and Liang Wenbo, people have also created a group of contestants, but the young contestants who want to come up must first self-discipline. Can’t help but be seduced, can’t bear to be alone. It’s difficult to get test results.” Wang Tao expressed. The establishment of the aforementioned training center is one of the purposeful countermeasures of the China Taiwan Association.

In reform and innovation

According to Wang Tao’s detailed introduction, the substantive reform and innovation of the China Taiwan Association has already been carried out. Now it has already got rid of the management method of the Ball Fitness Sports Management Office of the General Administration of Sports, and a general election will also be held in the future. “After the link, it is not easy to rely on the National Sports Commission as before. People must have a stronger sense of responsibility for the research. Naturally, the infrastructure of the research society will be more critical after the link. It can absorb a large number of society with working ability and understanding of business processes. It’s a good thing to develop excellent talents to build a solid foundation for the promotion of billiard fitness.”

Wang Tao revealed that the Research Institute has strived to enter the snooker fitness sport into the 2021 National Games. “If billiards can indeed make it to the next National Games, it will be a very good assistance for all new events.”

Regarding the next step, Wang Tao said: “People will carry out a variety of billiard themed activities, from guilds, to folklore, and even to the countryside.” He said: “Let everyone organize the game together and send the game away. Go to the people’s side and implement it layer by layer, so that our billiards can have a second early spring.” (End)

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