CBSA Star Cup Grand Prix, Guizhou four will break into the men’s top 32

China·Guizhou·Guiyang 2019 CBSA “Star Brand” Cup Chinese Billiards Chinese Grand Prix Men’s Singles defeated the top 32 men’s singles, there appeared four Guizhou players-Liu Wenxi, Wang Xudong, Zhao Junjun and Liu Kebin. The outstanding performance of local players, coupled with the first round of the men’s singles elimination on Sunday, starting at 7:30 on December 8, attracted a large number of fans to the Guiyang City Citizen Fitness Center to watch.

Wild card player Liu Wenxi continued to create surprises and beat Zhang Yonghong 9-3. He said that he loves billiards (the sport) very much. “Billiards allows me to get together with my friends, chat, and communicate using football skills. Like this “Star” Cup, many of my friends have come to participate. You don’t necessarily want to be ranked, but to participate, to communicate and learn from the national players.

When talking about the development of billiards in Guizhou, Liu Wenxi was very confident: “The development of billiards here in Guizhou is a little later, but the prospects are very good. Especially this kind of competition will greatly promote the billiards industry. We hope that the billiards game in Guizhou will be more and more It will further promote the local billiards atmosphere. I believe that the development of billiards in Guizhou will get better and better.”

On the other hand, Wang Xudong advanced from the out-of-conference match to the top 32 in the intra-conference match. He said that he usually likes billiards very much, but this is the first time he participated in this type of competition: “This time playing against so many great players is a great harvest. Some won’t Through the game, I get inspiration and know how to play. Nowadays, Chinese billiards is developing very well in Guizhou. I will participate in the next time it is held.” Regarding the competition outside the province, Wang Xudong said, “Although I want to go, I don’t have any. Time, I hope that more local competitions of this kind can be held.”

The “Xingpai” Cup Chinese Billiards Chinese Grand Prix has come to Guizhou for the second consecutive year. Xingpai hopes to attract more professional billiard players and fans to Guiyang through this event, and promote the billiards industry in Guizhou, the entire western region and the whole country Development plays the role of linking the development of billiards with the promotion of national fitness.

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