China National Taiwan Association strongly supports American 9-ball international players to join the training camp

The 2019 World 9-Ball China Open will be held in Tangzhen, Pudong from September 5th to 8th. As a high-level 9-ball event with 11 years of history, there will be top players from all over the world. City, a showdown. In order to fully prepare for the world 9-ball China Open, the American billiards national team has also recently completed the assembly and launched a half-month training camp.

The national team training started on August 21st and lasted until September 4th. During this period, all 11 national team members participating in the training camp, as well as one female player from Belarus and one female player from Germany, will train together and complete multiple rounds of group competitions.

In the national team’s 11-man roster, 4 new faces are included. They are Liu Xiazhi, Zhang Muyan, Zheng Xiaohuai and Kong Dejing who have been selected not long ago. According to the national team coach Shi Ming, this is the first training session for the four players after joining the team. The early stage is mainly to adapt to the national team’s training rhythm, environment and philosophy. From the 21st to the 28th, the new and old players jointly completed two intra-team group rounds. The purpose is to test the players’ competitive state and speed up the running-in between the new and old players.

There are also two international players who train with the team this time. They are Marharyta Fefilava from Belarus and Veronika

Ivanovskaia ). On August 28th, the two players came to Shanghai to join the training camp. After adapting to the training, they formally joined the national team female players on the 30th to participate in the group round match.

“They are very excited to come here and will take the initiative to find coaches and players to communicate and learn.” The coach of the national team said, “After they came here, they joined our group rounds. Through these two days of observation and understanding, we found this The two players still have a certain gap with our players in terms of basic skills and comprehensive skills, and their concepts, routes, and understanding of the overall situation need to be improved. Next, we will conduct targeted training for their problems. .”

In recent years, the Chinese Billiards Association has vigorously developed and supported the American 9-ball sport and has cultivated a group of elite players who have won countless reputations on the international stage, especially Chinese female players. Four of the top five in the world are from Chinese American billiards. The national team has almost formed a monopoly.

At the Fifth National Membership Congress of the China Billiards Association not long ago, Chairman Wang Tao stated that while cultivating local players, the Chinese American billiards team is actively recruiting outstanding international players with potential from the “Belt and Road” initiative with an open and integrated attitude. Help them improve the level of competition, provide advanced technology and mature training concepts for the improvement of the overall level of the world, and reject the monopoly pattern.

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