Yang Ye: After the Chinese New Year, you have to prepare for the World Championships.

9:7, the score was finalized. Yang Ye from Ningxia eventually lost to the national team member and world champion Chen Siming and missed the top 4. This result is not so willing to accept Yang Ye, who has won the top 8 of the first Chinese Billiards World Championship and the top 4 of the 2015 Chinese Billiards China Open. “In fact, we all had a chance to win, but I still couldn’t hold on. There was a mistake in the last game, and then she (Chen Siming) took the opportunity.” The Muslim girl from Ningxia said after the game, “If I If you score all the goals you should score on the table, you can win this round, but you missed the shot too little, and the shot was too fast, so you made a mistake. Chen Siming deserves to participate in many competitions and has better experience than me. .”

An enthusiastic spectator next to her also regretted: “Your shot was too soft, otherwise you can win. What are your plans after the game?” Yang Ye smiled and said, “Thank you. After the game, it’s time for the Chinese New Year. It’s time to prepare for the World Championships when you come back after the new year!”

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