September billiards games get together: there will be 64 game days in the next 39 days_Billiards_Billiards

How much does the billiard table cost? September has always been the golden month for billiards matches, and the tide of matches in 2019 has already arrived half a month earlier. From today to the end of September, within 39 days there will be 11 events that are of great concern to Chinese football fans. The UEFA Champions League will even exceed 64 days in total.

Six of the 11 games were snooker games, occupying half of the country. The Wade Hunter Classic 2019 changed from a ranked tournament to an open tournament. There were only 16 participants, and the trading deadline was reduced to 2 days. Murphy and Stevens announced their table tennis retirements in turn, but in the event There are still great gods like Wilson and Hawkins. The 6 Red World Championships, which is also the Open, has a much stronger lineup. Ding Junhui, Higgins, Selby, Williams, Bingham, etc. will all compete.

The China Tour’s Huizhou station was spurred by Liang Wenbo, Chinese and British snooker players will rush to Huizhou to flatter, O’Sullivan will also visit Huizhou for the championship award ceremony; on the 30th, O’Sullivan , Higgins, Liang Wenbo and Fu Jiajun will also launch an ingenious exhibition match. The Suzhou Station of the China Youth Championship has the least relative awareness, but the China Youth Championship, which has been held steadily in recent years, has still shown great assistance to the talents of the national youth snooker players.

The Shanghai Masters, which has become the Open, will not lose its style. O’Sullivan will make his debut at the Shanghai Masters. Ding Junhui will strive to grasp the glimmer of hope and manipulate his championship shortage within two years. Trump It seems that the preparations for O’Sullivan in the finals have already been done. The China Championships is the only Snooker Ranking Tournament in September. All top football players except O’Sullivan will rush to Guangzhou. Ding Junhui must first achieve excellent results in the Championships, otherwise the global ranking will fall out of TOP16.

Even though the 9-ball competition can only be one stop, it is indeed an absolute well-known brand competition. As my country’s first international 9-ball competition, the global 9-ball China Open has entered its eleventh year. The unique accumulation of games has allowed the global 9-ball China Open to attract the world’s top 9-ball players. Going to the competition, Ke Bingyi and Fu Xiaofang are the defenders of the competition.

Chinese-style billiards matches over 4 stations. The extraordinary rivalry held by the Emperor Kangxi in the heyday of Taiyuan Station and the fourth station of the Northern Region Ranking Tournament were all competitions with a championship prize of more than 100,000 yuan. Of course, the luxury level of the lineup was ensured. The Xingpai Chinese Billiards my country Open will be played in Liaoyang. The competition is linked to the qualifications of the Chinese Billiards World Championships. There is no need to worry about the lineup.

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