China Double Tigers missed the final Cao Yupeng 1-6 Xiaote Zhou Yuelong 4-6 Bingham

Xingpai China Billiards Association official website news 2017 Snooker European Masters ended two semi-final competitions. Neither of the two Chinese players was able to further taste the delicious finals for the first time. Cao Yupeng lost 1-6 to the defending champion Trump, who broke two hundred and three shots 60+, and held one shot and two 50+ shots. Zhou Yuelong missed a 4-3 lead, lost three consecutive games 4-6 and was reversed by Bingham, so that the final will be staged between Trump and Bingham.


Cao Yupeng 1-6 Trump

In the last round, Cao Yupeng beat two-time world champion Mark Williams 4-2 and broke into the top 4 of the rankings for the first time in six years. In the semi-finals, the opponent is the defending champion Trump of the European Masters. Cao Yupeng started the game not badly, winning the first game with 63 points in a single stroke, leading the world 4th with 1-0.

However, as Trump brought the game to his own rhythm, Cao Yupeng no longer had much chance. The defending champion hit 61 points, 100 points, 63 points, 87 points and 115 points in a row, holding 5-1. Lots of match points.

In the seventh game, Trump’s offensive momentum declined, but Cao Yupeng still missed a goal. This is the fourth time he has swallowed a duck egg in this game. Trump won the game 79-0, and Cao Yupeng lost with a big score of 1-6, passing by the ranking finals.

Zhou Yuelong 4-6 Bingham

Sichuan teenager Zhou Yuelong swept Scottish star McGill 4-0 in the last round. Like Cao Yupeng, this is the first time his career has come to the top 4 in the rankings. On the same day, he faced the 2015 world champion Bingham. Zhou Yuelong, who has risen sharply to the 30th in the world rankings, seemed quite calm. After losing the first game, he scored 54 points and 101 points on a single stroke, ranking 11th in a 2-1 overtake. A bit of “big shark”.

After the two scored alternately, Bingham won the fourth and fifth innings, Zhou Yuelong closed the sixth and seventh innings, and the 19-year-old teenager continued to lead 4-3.

Unfortunately, Zhou Yuelong failed to maintain his advantage to the end. The 41-year-old Bingham turned defeat into victory step by step with his sophisticated experience in competitions. He first tied the score with 68 points on a single stroke to tie the score to 4-4, and then led the match point at 74-15. In the tenth game, Zhou Yuelong had the opportunity to drag the game into the decisive game. However, he scored 54 points in a single stroke and made an inadvertent error. Bingham missed the opportunity to make another victory with 84-58. In this way, Zhou Yuelong lost three games in a row and went 4-6. It was tragically reversed and stopped in the semifinals with Cao Yupeng. Bingham will compete with Trump for the final championship after promotion.

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