South Korea’s Guri International Championship ends, Liu Zhengjie and Amit won the men’s and women’s championships

News from the official website of the Chinese Billiards Association On the evening of October 15, 2017, the South Korea Guri International Championship ended. Liu Zhengjie from Chinese Taipei and Lu Bilin Amit from the Philippines won the men’s and women’s championships.

Korea Guri International Championship is an international 9-ball tournament held in South Korea. This year is the first time it has been held. It is the highest-level international 9-ball tournament held in South Korea so far. This year’s event attracted players including “Little Korean Witch” Kim Ga Young, Park Eun Ji, Filipino players Biado Oklo, Cheska Centeno, Lu Bilin Amit, and Zhang Ronglin and Wei Ziqian from Chinese Taipei. , It is worth mentioning that Austria’s Osschun sister and brother also participated in this tournament. In addition, Chinese players Chen Siming, Liu Shasha, Baige, Gao Meng and others also signed up for the competition.

South Korea's Guri International Championship ends, Liu Zhengjie and Amit won the men's and women's championships

According to the schedule, the main match is divided into two stages: double elimination and single elimination. In the first stage, the men’s players will compete in a double-elimination match with a group of 8 women and 6 players. After the top 32 list was released, the competition system was changed to a single elimination round until the championship came out.

After the baptism of a double defeat, all Chinese players, except Chen Ruolin, entered the women’s top 32 list. In the first round of a single defeat, the Dove defeated South Korean KOWN BOMI and met with Chinese Taipei player Zhou Jieyu. As a result, the White Dove lost to their opponent 5-9 and was out. Gao Meng lost to former Amway Cup champion Cheska Centeno in the first round with the same score. Zheng Xiaochun lost 7-9 to Wei Ziqian, and Ren Qiuyue lost 6-9 to Chen Jiahua to stop in the top 32.

National team player Chen Siming defeated Japanese player Keimi Kagaya 9-0 in the first round. Liu Shasha overtook host player LEE KUI YOUNG 9-1. In the round of 16 to the 8th, the two Chinese players staged a civil battle. After 14 rounds of competition, Chen Siming defeated his national teammates 9-5 and continued to move forward.

In the quarter-finals, Chen Siming played against Wei Ziqian. In this game, Chen Siming once fought with his opponent to 6-7 and the score was very close. At the critical moment, Chen Siming made a fatal error when hitting the No. 6 ball. The opponent seized the opportunity and missed a good game. However, with Chen Siming’s exit , The Chinese players were wiped out.

As the game progresses, the confrontation between players becomes more and more fierce. In the two semifinals, Wei Ziqian killed Zhou Jieyu, who also came from Chinese Taipei 9-8, while Filipino player Lu Bilin Amit also fought with South Korea’s Park Eunzhi to the decisive game. It was not until the last minute that Amit made a thrilling pass.

This is the second time that Wei Ziqian has entered the international finals in a row recently. At the CBSA Donghai Hot Spring 9-ball International Open that just ended, Wei Ziqian reached the finals all the way, but was “accidentally” lost to Shi Tianqi, who was promoted as a dark horse. Placed in runner-up. Moving to South Korea, Wei Ziqian entered the final again. This time she lost 2-9 to Lu Bilin Amit and once again passed the championship.

For men, Chinese Taipei player Liu Zhengjie defeated Zuya from the Philippines 11-10 in the final and became the champion of the first South Korea Guri International Championship.

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