Chinese Billiards Super Contest: An important battle for World Championship tickets

On December 19, the 2019 “Xingpai·Kangxi Shengshi·Waluojia” Cup Chinese Billiards Super Contest ended in Chaoyang, Liaoning Province. The lineup of the first stage of the race consisted of 80 players who broke through from the qualifiers and the No. 17-32 seeds of the tournament. 96 players competed for 48 promotion places through double defeats.

Shi Hanqing was in poor condition. He fell to the losing team yesterday and lost 5-9 today to Shen Shenyi, who eliminated Chu Bingjie in the Chinese Grand Prix, and bid farewell to this event. Big and small Liu Chuang successfully broke through from the defeat, and also caught the last train of the second stage is Jin Enrui who performed well in the Chinese Grand Prix. Wan Tongle suffered a shocking reversal yesterday with an 8-3 lead and fell into the losing department. However, today he first defeated Cheng Hao 9-5 and then eliminated Ci Hongtao 9-4 and successfully advanced. Tang Chunxiao, as one of the few female players in the first stage of the race, defeated Li Yucheng 9-5 in the first game, and today beat Liu Huigang 9-2, making a strong lead from the winning team.

According to the schedule, the second stage of the race will start on the 19th with 64 goals and 32 double eliminations, from grabbing 9 to 11. The evening of the 20th will enter the single elimination stage. At present, the second stage of the race has been drawn, Chu Bingjie, Chao Lumen, Zhang Taiyi, Dai Yong and others have joined the battle.

The 2019 “Xingpai·Kangxi Shengshi·Waluojia” Cup Chinese Billiards Super Competition is a large-scale event incorporated into the Chinese Billiards Association’s points system. It is an important battle for players to grab points and strive to qualify for the Chinese Billiards World Championship next year.

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