Star Cup Chinese billiards China-British match ends, Liu Chuang reverses Williams to win

On the evening of June 22, Beijing time, with the 2013 CBSA Star Harpu Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, the men’s final in Jiangsu Station ended successfully. The finale of the Xingpai Chinese billiards China-Britain competition kicked off. Xingpai signed world champion “Golden Left” Mark Williams and Chinese billiard player Liu Chuang to reach the finals. Liu Chuang came from behind to reverse Williams 11-10 and win the star derby. Wang Tao, Minister of the Second Department of Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, Mr. Jason Ferguson, Chairman of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Federation, Mr. Miles Pierce, Commercial Director of the World Taiwan Federation, and Chairman of Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Mr. Gan Liantong and representatives of relevant sponsors of this site attended and watched the game.


Kim left hand to lead the Sino-British match

In order to increase the international influence of the Chinese-style billiards ranking competition, and at the same time, for billiard fans who love Chinese-style billiards to see the style of international snooker superstars on the Chinese table, the organizer of the National Chinese-style Billiards Ranking Tournament Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. specially invited Xingpai signed the world champion, international snooker superstar, “Golden Left” Mark Williams, and Andrew P. Jette, who beat the world No. 1 Mark Selby 5-3 not long ago in the Wuxi Classic Qualifying Tournament. In the arena, there was a Sino-British match against Liu Chuang and Liu Yang, the national players of Chinese billiards.


Liu Yang was reversed by Jin’s left hand

In the first semi-final, the famous Tianjin star Liu Yang played against the star signing superstar and world champion “Golden Left Hand” Mark Williams. After the opening, Liu Yang’s morale was like a rainbow, and he blasted and cleared up many times, and took a 6-1 lead to get the match point in one go. But since then, the left hand, who has gradually become familiar with Chinese billiards, has gradually gained the upper hand by virtue of the profound skill of snooker, and finally won 6 games in a row and completed a magical reversal.


“Selby Terminator” afraid of Jeter’s powerlessness

In the second semi-final, there was no suspense. Xingpai signed the Chinese billiard player Liu Chuang cleanly and defeated the world’s No. 1 “Selby Terminator” Andrew Peng Jie in the Wuxi Classic not long ago. Especially, the final match with Kim left hand.


Liu Chuang reverses Jin’s left hand to win the star derby

The final was quite dramatic. World champion Williams continued to lead the score by virtue of his accuracy advantage, and took the 10-7 lead to get the match point in one fell swoop. But since then, Liu Chuang gradually regained the decline with his tenacious defense, and finally completed the reversal of 4 consecutive games and won the championship of the Chinese billiards Sino-British match.

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