Ding Junhui’s fatal mistake ruined the game in the first round of 2018

On the evening of January 15th, Beijing time, in the first round of the 2018 Snooker London Masters, Ding Junhui started with a 3-0 lead and was finally eliminated by Ryan Day 4-6. In the game, Ding Junhui missed many excellent opportunities. A series of low-level mistakes, such as defective shots, cue sticks, and bag slamming, were finally reversed. Ding Junhui’s downturn in the season that has continued to this day has not been able to get rid of in the first game of 2018.


Ryan Dai kept giving gifts at the beginning

Ding Junhui encountered difficult opponent Ryan Day in the first round of the Masters. Although Ding Junhui has an excellent overall record, the recent match has been evenly divided. Ding Junhui’s state in the opening stage was not ideal, but Ryan Day’s reckless offense was constantly giving gifts. In the first game, he lost a simple black ball and sent Ding Junhui to the top 100. In the second game, he fell behind on the long table and did not enter the bag opening. In the round, Ryan Dai missed the bottom black ball again, and then the safety ball leaked into the long table. In the case of Rui Endai’s continuous mistakes in giving gifts, Ding Junhui started to establish a 3-0 lead.

free kick

0-3 behind in the start inspired Ryan Day’s fighting spirit, and then the state of the game rebounded significantly, completing two strokes and 1 stroke, 70+ consecutive wins in three games and a 3-3 tie. Despite Ryan Day’s strong momentum, Ding Junhui still had a chance to regain the advantage in the key seventh game. At 39-25, Ding Junhui had two red balls left to post the pink ball to make snooker. At this time, Ding Junhui had mastered the situation. After that, he seized Ryan Day’s leak to expand the score again. On the last red ball, Ding Junhui didn’t lose the first move. Ryan Day missed the ball and left snooker. But this shot was very easy for Ding Junhui to solve because the red ball was close to the edge of the library. Opportunity to do snooker. But at a critical time, Ding Junhui had a faulty shot, a fatal error penalty and a free kick, Ryan Dai directly cleared the table and reversed, and the 4-3 overtake score was a serious blow to Ding Junhui’s self-confidence.

a low-level error in a stick touch with a blue ball

Despite being overtaken by his opponent, Ding Junhui still had a very good opportunity to pull the score to the same starting line in the eighth game. This time with a wonderful turn-over, this offense will bring a great deal to Ding Junhui if it can exceed the score. Confidence increased. However, when he was about to exceed 62 points in a row, Ding Junhui attacked the red ball with a stick. In the case of insufficient concentration, there was a low-level error in which the club hit the blue ball and made a penalty. Ryan Daishina gave a gift. It was another over-point, winning 5 games in a row to get the match point. The victory of this game has been held tightly by Ryan Dai.

The key is to drop the bag and miss the last chance

In the tenth game, Ding Junhui ushered in his last chance to win the game. In the ninth game, he had just saved a match point and narrowed the point difference. In this game, Ding Junhui had another wonderful long bench to fight the red ball into the bottom pocket. The game led to a decisive game, Ding Junhui still has the possibility of a comeback. But Goddess of Luck obviously did not stand on Ding Junhui’s side. After scoring 9 points in a row, he scored the blue ball and exploded. As a result, the cue ball accidentally fell into the bag and gave Ryan Dai a bag of lipstick balls, which was originally Ding Junhui’s offensive opportunity. , So it was given to the opponent for a long time, and Ryan Day retaliated with one stroke and ended the game directly.

2018 first battle is still sluggish

After entering the 2017-2018 season, Ding Junhui’s state was fluctuating, but after winning the World Open, Ding Junhui’s state gradually began to decline. After several consecutive ranking matches were eliminated early, the national championships suffered from eye problems and worsened the situation. 2017 Ding Junhui’s performance in the last few months of the year can be described as “horrible”. This Masters Tournament is Ding Junhui’s first game in 2018. Obviously, the new year hasn’t improved his state, and once again the first round of losses is out early. Most of this season’s schedule has passed. At present, there are also major ranking tournaments in Germany, Grand Prix, Wales, China Open and World Championships. Ding Junhui does not have much time to adjust his status. He wants to play at the World Championships in Cruze. Ding Junhui needs to get out of the downturn as soon as possible.

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