Nine ball queen meets snooker master Chen Siming commentary

At 19:30 on the evening of May 21, world champion Chen Siming will return to Octopus TV personal network station again in a white suit. Because his leg was accidentally injured during the training camp, Chen Siming had to add an extra chair next to him during the explanation to place his legs that cannot be bent at present.

Chen Siming, a famous female billiard player, the first 8-ball and 9-ball double champion of the National American Billiards Championship (12 years old), the first female player to win the World Billiards Association (WPA) Player of the Year Award, the first to win the world’s number one Chinese golfers. At present, in addition to playing games, he is also explaining billiard events online.

Because it is currently in the offseason of the snooker contest, Chen Siming’s commentary focuses on paying tribute to the classic events, revealing the story behind the nine-ball sisters’ fame in the first battle, and analyzing the wonderful collision of the snooker celebrity duel.

Yesterday, Chen Siming explained the 2011 CBSA American Billiards Ordos International Open in the 2011 CBSA American Billiards International Open Women’s Nine-Ball Final, Pan Xiaoting and Kelly Fisher. (This game is also a battle for the nine-ball queen Pan Xiaoting to establish her important position in the Chinese billiards industry.) Handsome dress, professional commentary, although there is no live broadcast of the game to set off the atmosphere, there is a wave of jokes between laughter and curse. The heroic spirit of the children.

At the beginning of the game, Fisher won two games in a row. Pan Xiaoting, who was experienced and unwilling to show weakness, immediately suspended the adjustment, grasped the key ball, and smoothly cleared the stage to win two games and tied the total score to 2-2.

Fisher, who is tenacious and eager to win the game, leads again by 4 to 2. And Pan Xiaoting played steadily, and then played a four-game winning streak, with a total score of 6-4.

In the last game, Kelly Fisher made a defensive error with the No. 2 ball. After Pan Xiaoting scored the No. 2 goal, he hit the key No. 9 ball in a smooth flow. Although the angle was slightly larger, after aiming calmly, she scored steadily. In the end, Pan Xiaoting defeated Kelly Fisher 9 to 5 to win the championship.

Next, Chen Siming will explain Fu Xiaofang, Pan Xiaoting and his classic battles in turn on his personal network TV station, while taking everyone to review the classic matchups on the snooker arena. O’Sullivan, Ding Junhui, Trump, none of them are missing. At 19:30 tonight, Chen Siming will continue to bring the most luxurious gender battle in history on Octopus TV personal network radio station the peak duel between the nine-ball queen Pan Xiaoting and the snooker master O’Sullivan. Such a classic event of Mars hitting the earth, how can my friends bear to miss it?

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