Yushan hosts the Chinese Billiard World Championships for three consecutive years to create a famous billiard city


Fu Xiaofang won the women’s team championship

Xinhua News Agency, Yushan, Jiangxi, March 17 (Reporter Lin Hao, Zheng Zhiliang and Jinxiong) Located in Yushan County in the northeastern part of Jiangxi Province, it was unknown when the first Chinese Billiard World Championship was held three years ago. Three years later, it has become a little famous; At least many people who care about billiards know that there is a Yushan county. Today, Yushan County, which aims to become the “Billiards Capital of China and World Billiards City”, is moving out of Jiangxi into the world by creating the “city sports card” of billiards.

Billiards + Yushan

This week, the 3rd Chinese Billiards World Championship was held as scheduled in Yushan County, with nearly 400 players from 41 countries and regions participating.

“Chinese billiards is very interesting. I am looking forward to this event becoming more and more international and more popular.” Although the famous snooker player Joe Perry was defeated in the double knockout round, the competition Later in the interview, he still made no secret of his love and expectations for Chinese billiards.

As China’s independent and innovative billiards sport, Chinese billiards has a broad and deep mass base in China, with more than 40 million fans. In recent years, the competitions and activities of Chinese billiards have become more professional, international, large-scale and popular. The Chinese Billiards Association also started with the World Championships and promoted the sport of Chinese billiards to the world.

“The successful holding of the Chinese Billiards World Championships has attracted many international billiards players to participate, and the influence has become increasingly widespread. I believe that Chinese billiards will become an important content of the world billiards.” Director of the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Billiards Association Wang Liwei said.

Speaking of the Chinese Billiards World Championships, Ian Anderson, chairman of the World Fancy Pool Association, is also quite excited: “The Chinese Billiards World Championships has been loved by fancy nine-ball, snooker and Chinese billiards stars and has grown into a world-renowned. World-class competitions, which makes us feel the infinite development space of Chinese billiards.”

Yushan + billiards

As the host of the Chinese Billiard World Championships, Yushan County was once famous for the production of billiard tables. It has abundant bluestone resources. It produces more than 30,000 sets of billiard tables and 150,000 billiard table tops each year, with an annual output value of 400 million yuan. Since the first Chinese Billiards World Championship was held, billiards has gradually become the “city sports card” of Yushan County.

“Yushan is very beautiful, I am very happy to know this city because of the Chinese Billiards World Championships.” Snooker star Mark Williams came to Yushan for the third time. This small county left him a deep and beautiful impression.

In recent years, Yushan County has increased its investment in order to host the Chinese Billiards World Championships, and the urban landscape has changed significantly.

Yushan County Party Secretary Hu Jianfei believes: “We make full use of the platform of the Chinese Billiard World Championships, explore the connotation of billiard culture, actively promote and display Yushan, and further give the city a fresh vitality.”

Billiards is not too restricted by the venue and is easy to popularize among the masses. The holding of the Chinese-style billiards World Championships also promoted the popularity of billiards in Yushan County and drove the upsurge of national fitness.

“A lot of people around me now start to play billiards, not just for entertainment, but also a way to exercise.” Zhu Kangrong, a teacher at Chengdong Primary School in Yushan County, clearly felt the “hotness” of billiards in Yushan County.

The significance of the Chinese Billiards World Championships is not only to make Chinese billiards go to the world, but also to allow more Chinese people to participate in the sport of Chinese billiards and promote the development of national fitness. Wang Liwei believes that the holding of the Chinese Billiards World Championship has played a positive role in promoting the national fitness industry and the process of healthy China.

Wang Tao, secretary-general of the Chinese Billiards Association, told reporters that the Chinese Billiards Association plans to invite amateur players to participate in future Chinese billiards competitions to further enhance the masses’ sense of participation in this sport, so that more people can get from Chinese billiards. happy.

Billiards, Yushan+Future

Taking the opportunity of the Chinese Billiard World Championships, Yushan County has continuously improved the billiard industry. It has signed a cooperation agreement with Xingpai Group and invested 2.92 billion yuan to build a billiard culture city, billiard industry park, and billiard culture e-commerce park. A cultural industry complex composed of creativity and product development. Lead the transformation of Yushan County’s economic structure and upgrade the industrial model.

Gan Liantong, vice chairman of the Chinese Billiards Association and vice chairman of Beijing Xingpai (www.xingpaibilliard.com) Group Co., Ltd., said: “The current world-wide billiard culture has not been highly refined. The establishment of the Yushan billiards cultural industry project is believed to be able to refine The most quintessence of billiards culture will be shown to the world.”

At the same time, Yushan County actively utilizes rich tourism resources to promote economic and social development through the development of sports and tourism integration. In the construction of tourist attractions, it pays attention to the construction of urban sports tourism infrastructure, and builds a series of leisure bases starting from sports leisure tourism . It also combines fitness exercises with the construction of a new countryside, and has established 500 to 2,000 square meters of recreational and fitness places for farmers in each new countryside construction site.

When talking about the future development direction of “sports + tourism” in Yushan, Hu Jianfei said: “Yushan County will rely on the Chinese billiards World Championships and other large-scale events, combined with the development of sports culture tourism, vigorously develop the sports industry, expand sports consumption formats, and design and develop more A sports tourism model.”

The relationship between Chinese billiards and Yushan continues. Through the combination of sports and culture, sports and tourism, the sports industry will also have a lot to do in Yushan.

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