World Championship finals: Zheng Yubo and Zhao Ruliang meet as he wished to challenge the supremacy after 2000

On the evening of the 25th, after nearly 10 days of fierce battle at the 2019 Chinese Billiards World Championship, the final lineup finally surfaced. Defending champion Zheng Yubo made a strong breakthrough from the dead half with an overwhelming advantage and advanced to the final. He will compete with Zhao Ruliang, the hottest favorite in the upper half, for the men’s championship. The women’s final was played between the gifted girl Wang Ye and the woman’s first sister Chen Siming. Two youngsters born after 00 challenge the dominance of men and women at the same time, and the Chinese billiards world is setting off a youth storm…

Today is the penultimate day of this tournament, and it is also a one-day double match. The first in the morning was the contest between men and women in eight to four, and in the evening the two finalists were born.

All four men’s quarter-finals in the afternoon played top level. Among them, Zheng Yubo faced the magic boy Wang Yun after traversing the two mountains of Chu Bingjie and Shi Hanqing. With a passive start, Zheng Yubo used a force 13-10 in the second half to repel Wang Yun in one fell swoop and advance to the semi-finals. In addition, teenager Zhao Ruliang narrowly beat “Fire Cloud Cthulhu” Zhang Ronglin 13-11. Throughout the game, although Zhao Ruliang was not satisfactory in rushing the ball, he never let Zhang Ronglin take the lead in the score from beginning to end. Zhao Ruliang extended his advantage to 4 rounds at the end of the game, and finally ended with a blast in the final round. Wang Peng vs. Wu Zhenyu also went quite stalemately. Wang Peng was once in a big lead and was saved by Wu Zhenyu for three consecutive match points, but in the end Wu Zhenyu was still unable to return to heaven. Wang Peng broke into the semi-finals and made an appointment with Zheng Yubo.

Joe Perry became the only international player among the top four. He thrilled his opponent 13-12 in the British Snooker Civil War with Tom Ford, the “dark horse”. In the early days of the tournament, the old Perry, who had no outstanding results in the Chinese competition, never expected to be able to hold on to the present. After breaking through the defeat, he is expected to create miracles in unfamiliar areas.

The women’s group matches that were held at the same time had two games with 21 innings before the winner was divided. Two youngsters born after 00 pushed the two world champions into desperation. Among them, the genius girl king also reversed Han Yu 11-10 and became a classic. Han Yu was in a leading state due to some objective factors. The game was interrupted twice. In the end, Xiao Wang was unaffected and succeeded in a comeback. The defending champion stopped there. The other young player Zhang Muyan was not so lucky, and eventually lost to the big boss Chen Siming 10-11. However, Zhang Muyan’s progress in recent years is obvious to all. Whether in the American or Chinese field, she is very hopeful to become a leader among the new generation of Chinese female golfers. The other two games were divided early. Tang Chunxiao’s unexpected 11-4 victory over Gao Meng, who had a remarkable performance before, and Shi Tianqi also easily defeated Wang Xiaotong 11-7.

The semi-finals will be played at 18:30 in the evening. After just over an hour, the first candidate for the finals emerged. No one thought that Zheng Yubo would defeat Wang Peng so easily. At the beginning of the game, Wang Peng was still in the lead. Since 4-4, the balance of the game has completely tilted towards Zheng Yubo. A 9-1 climax, Zheng Yubo bloodbathed Wang Peng and quickly reached the finals, only one step away from defending!

The remaining three semi-finals were ups and downs. With the exception of Joe Perry leading Zhao Ruliang 4-1 in the opening game, the trend of the remaining three games was almost the same. The six people took the lead alternately as if they had been negotiated. The score has never been opened, and a major mistake was made when one side saw that the gap was about to be opened. In the last two games of Joe Perry against Zhao Ruliang, Zhao Ruliang performed a series of clearing-up dramas and finally successfully reversed the game.

Wang also went through four consecutive deciding rounds. The double-loss phase began, first with a 7-6 lore to kill Jiang Teng, then in the single elimination phase with 9-8 reversal of Zhou Jieyu, 11-10 reversal of Han Yu, Today’s semi-finals once again gave a continuous gift to Shi Tianqi, who is also a post-00 player, in a very unfavorable situation. He was extremely lucky to reverse again from 11-10 and become the uncompromising king of reversals and the king of the decisive game in this tournament. With God’s favor, coupled with a strong psychology, and a natural advantage in surnames, the official crowning of the World Championships tomorrow is just around the corner!

But if Wang wants to win his first world championship, he has to ask “first sister” Chen Siming. When Chen Siming was suppressed by Tang Chunxiao most of the time today, he staged a shocking comeback in the last three games, especially in the deciding game when he fainted the key No. 10 ball to come back to life. The teenager Tang Chunxiao fell short and missed the final stage at the same time as his master Zheng Yubo.

Peak Showdown

Zheng Yubo VS Zhao Ruliang 13:00 first stage 19:00 second stage

Chen Siming VS Wang Ye 10:00 Phase 1 16:00 Phase 2

You can watch the live broadcast of the game through “China Sports”

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