The development of Chinese billiards has come to a crossroads, players are eager to play abroad

After 40 rounds of hard work, Yang Fan, who won the title of the 3rd Chinese Billiards World Championship of the “Yaqi Group” Cup, expressed his wish after winning the championship, and this wish is probably also the wish of all Chinese billiards players. : “I hope I can play games abroad in the future.”

Since March 6, nearly 400 players from 41 countries and regions have gathered in Yushan, a small city in Jiangxi, to compete for a prize of 3 million yuan. In the past 3 years, every March, they will gather here-Ding Junhui, Selby, Higgins, Williams and other snooker big names, have also personally participated in the competition to experience the charm of Chinese billiards.

“The first game was very lively. Everyone wanted to see the stars. I remember very clearly. It was raining on the opening ceremony, but there were still many fans waiting at the opening ceremony.” Fan Zou told reporters.

However, with the development of the Chinese Billiards World Championships, not only are fewer and fewer people coming to chase stars, but also not as many star players as they did in the past. Taking this World Championship as an example, the star players who played snooker came to the competition only a few people such as Mark Williams and Joe Perry, and they were quickly eliminated.

Of course, this does not mean that the influence of the Chinese Billiards World Championships is declining. On the contrary, this game, which is habitually called the “Black Eight” by the Chinese, is becoming more and more popular nowadays, and people in the circle are still wondering how to change it. The gameplay brings better development to this down-to-earth project.

During the current World Championships, the World Fancy Pool Association, International Billiards Federation, World Snooker Co., Ltd., China Billiards Association, Xingpai Group, athlete representatives and other relevant persons held a seminar on the international development of Chinese billiards. To make suggestions for the development of the country.

Ian Anderson, President of the World Fancy Pool Association, pointed out: “It is needless to say that the popularity of Chinese billiards. 80% of Chinese billiard fans will play Chinese billiards. However, the development of Chinese billiards is not limited to China. Taking root overseas, it is very important to promote the internationalization of Chinese billiards.” Miles Pierce, Commercial Director of World Snooker Co., Ltd. said: “Chinese billiards need to be internationalized in terms of play, rules and facilities. Further standardize.”

Indeed, there are still many problems in the development of Chinese billiards. At present, the focus of Chinese billiards is still using international star platforms to attract attention, but the star players who create the project itself are far behind snooker or even the 9-ball project. Moreover, there are many Chinese billiard games, but the rules are different. Many players have to constantly adapt to the new rules, which makes the players very troubled. Of course, there are many other details. For example, during this World Championships, foreign players complained to the referees about the illegal behavior of Chinese players to clean the table with their hands. This shows that Chinese billiards has been greatly improved in referee training. space. All of these will hinder the further development of Chinese billiards, which is also a problem that people in the circle are eager to solve.

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