In the second round of the World Championships, Lu Haotian trailed 0-4 and followed Barry Hawkins 3-5

In the early morning of April 27th, Beijing time, the 2018 Snooker World Championships started the second round of competition. In the first two games, the Chinese teenager Lu Haotian, who broke into the top 16 in the first show of Cruze, withstood the pressure. In the first stage, he fell behind 0-4 and followed the No. 6 seed with 3-5 and broke the 100 with two shots. Hawkins. In another game, defending champion finisher Joe Perry was 3-5 behind Masters champion Mark Allen.


Lu Haotian 3-5 Hawkins

In the first round of the derby, Lu Haotian, who was only 20 years old and broke into the World Championships for the first time, played well, showing two shots of 120+, 10-5 against No. 11 seed Fu Jiajun. His opponent Hawkins in the second round is a late-form player. In the last five games, he has won one sub, three top four and one top eight in the World Championships. He also entered the ranking finals twice shortly before the World Championships this year. Including the China Open, full of energy. For Lu Haotian, who lacked experience, this was an even more severe test.

The second round was extended to 25 rounds and 13 wins. It was divided into three stages, and the first two stages played eight rounds. Hawkins came fiercely, with a strong start with 91, 71, 64 and 129 points in a single shot, and for a while the Cruiser rookie was breathless.

Lu Haotian did not panic, stabilized his position with 73 points on a single stroke. Hawkins continued to suppress firepower, and completed his second shot in the game with 103 points in a single shot, and once again led Lu Haotian with 5-1 in four games.

Lv Haotian continued to work in a positive direction, 95 points in a single shot to avoid further expansion of the points difference. The key eighth game-in the only tug of war without a single high score in the first stage, Lu Haotian steadily played 77-40 to win it. After the first eight rounds, Lu Haotian, currently ranked 68th in the world, 3-5 closely followed Hawkins. The second stage of the match between the two sides will be held at 21:30 on the 27th, Beijing time.

Joe Perry 3-5 Mark Allen

In the first round, England veteran Joe Perry scored a 10-4 victory over the defending champion Selby, who is now ranked number one in the world. The opponent in the second round, Mark Allen, is the champion of this year’s Masters. However, after experiencing the seed crisis of the World Championships, he is even more ready to go. Perry won the first game with 50 points on a single stroke, and was soon hit by a head-and-head counterattack. With 94, 99 and 67 points on a single stroke, “Small Steel Cannon” led the way with a 3-1 lead.

After the inning break, the two took turns sitting on the bank. Perry added another 73 points, and Allen responded with 73 and 50 points. At the end of the first eight innings, Allen temporarily led 5-3. The second stage of the game between the two sides will start at 17:00 on the 27th, Beijing time.

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