The epidemic is ruthless, there is love in the world-Xingpai launches club care activities

The pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus has always touched the hearts of every Chinese since its occurrence. The Party Central Committee and the State Council quickly established a working group to fight the epidemic to direct the nationwide fight against the epidemic. Medical workers guard the health and safety of the people on the front line with fearlessness and tenacity. Many ordinary people have also used different forms to fight the epidemic, using warmth and touch to build bridges of love.


According to the needs of the prevention and control of the coronavirus, avoid cross-infection caused by the gathering of people and protect the safety and health of the general public. Various public gathering shops and activities have been temporarily closed to the public.

In the face of the epidemic, many star clubs have also suspended operations in response to the national call. “In front of life, everything should give way” is the unified stand of all star clubs, taking into account the overall situation. Many club leaders have stated that “Life is far more important than business. We can stand the test of time and shoulder social and public responsibilities. After the battle of the epidemic is won, we will welcome the arrival of many golfers.”


At this critical moment, Xingpai unites with thousands of clubs, waiting for the haze to pass, the sun is shining, and the day it embarks on a new development journey.

After the victory of the epidemic, Xingpai will carry out offline care activities for all Xingpai clubs across the country: free door-to-door inspection and maintenance. The notification channel has been opened across the board, and clubs in need are welcome to register and submit.

The clubs participating in this event pay attention to the “Xingpai Pool Table” WeChat official account, and click on “Caring Activities” in the column of the official account to register. The registration time is: February 10th-March 10th, 2020

After receiving the registration information, Xingpai’s after-sales staff will contact you in advance to determine the door-to-door time, and provide you with the best quality service at the most suitable time. During this period, if you have any questions, you can call the national free consultation number: 400-626- 8866

Finally, we express our sincere condolences and concerns to all our partners, customers and friends of Xingpai. Come on!

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