Snooker World Cup semi-final preview: China B team beware of entering the tiebreaker

Xingpai pool table. The Snooker World Cup has entered the last day. Today, the finals and finals will be held. The finals have already been played against my country’s A team vs. England, and my country’s B team vs. England.

Scotland lost to Denmark in the final round of the qualifiers and only got second in the working group. However, they defeated Wales 4-3 in the quarter-finals yesterday, and they still showed their overall strength. The Scottish team attached great importance to the World Cup and sent their top ranked players-Higgins and Maguire. The qualifiers were unremarkable. They won all the matches that should be won, and they all won 4-1 and 5-0. They only lost the game against Denmark, the strongest enemy of the group.

But this is not necessarily wrong in the future. Welsh and our B team did not have a big difference in their full performance in this tournament. Against such an enemy, whoever wins or loses depends only on the liberating nature. Perhaps the battle is more reliable. Welsh knows a little bit better. However, unlike the usual stand-alone side, the snooker players have never experienced “team competition” personally, nor have they ever experienced the definition of “companion”, just like badminton players playing in the Davis Cup. Such places are more prone to anxiety. After defeating Ryan Day in the decisive game yesterday, Maguire was at first anxiously unable to speak at the new product launch. After returning to the hotel restaurant, he asked Higgins to go up the stairs first, and he had to smoke a cigarette to relieve him. Anxious mentality.

In the finals against my country’s A team, Scotland’s work pressure is obviously greater. Judging from the full performance before this event, the two Chinese national teams have not suffered from the adverse effects of the local fighting, but they are very good at applying their hometown elders. Converted into driving force. In fact, for the new group project, the cheering of the audience can have a greater effect. From this perspective, the Scottish team’s fight with my country’s A team should be a downside, especially for Maguire. Whether this kind of work pressure can be resolved is the most important thing in this game.

In the other finals, my country’s B team played against the England team. The latter’s main performance in this event was very “annoying”. They were originally popular, but they have turned the event into a “forced five-five open” along the way. “Whether it is against the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region where there is no Fu Jiajun, or Spain, Northern Ireland, it’s all like this. The England team has won 6 games in 6 games so far, but they have reached the tiebreaker in 5 games. Once in the deciding game, it seems that they have changed their minds and it is difficult not to give the enemy a chance. Our B team must avoid this scene today and strive to end the battle within 6 rounds.

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