Higgins: Enjoy this championship, let the Rockets come after Hendry

On the evening of July 5th, Beijing time, the first major ranking tournament of the new season, the Australian Open, came to an end. The Scottish wizard Higgins defeated Gould 9-8, won the 27th ranking tournament championship in his career and tied the Rockets. O’Sullivan, tied for third in history, has only two legends, Hendry (36 crowns) and Davis (28 crowns).

Higgins said after the game: “This is one of the best finals I have played. I thank Gould for the wonderful game and the fans for their support over the past week. This championship gives me the confidence to continue and play well. New season. In the next few weeks of vacation, I will spend it with my family.”

Speaking of this championship, the 40-year-old Higgins is not very ambitious. He thinks O’Sullivan has a better chance to catch up with history than himself. “If I can win 28 championships to tie Davis, it would be a dream come true. O’Sullivan has won more than me these years, including the number of single-stroke breaks and the world championship. So he is still with me. In front of him, it’s up to him to hit Hendry’s record. I’m not sure how long I can play or whether I can fight for the championship. I’d better enjoy this championship first.”

As a 75-star, only O’Sullivan can still play at his peak from time to time. Higgins has occasional flashes but the ups and downs are large, and Mark Williams is already unable to do so.

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