China’s small rocket slays the dragon quickly, Selby breaks two hundred and brings Robertson to a successful start

News from the official website of the China Billiards Association On the morning of October 29th, Beijing time, the 2017 World Snooker International Championship kicked off in Daqing. In the postponement of the qualifying round, the Chinese “Little Rocket” Zhao Xintong, who played at home, took the lead to end the battle. In just two and a half hours, he slaughtered the “Welsh Dragon” Stevens 6-2. In the final game, he finished with 127 points on a single stroke. official. In the first round of the race, Zhao Xintong will face Mark Allen, ranked 11th in the world. The derby defeated Lu Haotian 6-2 in Delu, while Zhou Yuelong was blocked by Finnish veteran Hull 2-6. In addition, Selby broke the 100 twice and joined hands with Robertson to usher in a good start.

The National Championships is the eighth ranked tournament of the season. It uses a flat format that precedes a qualifying round in the UK. However, top players such as defending champions Selby, Higgins, Ding Junhui and Liang Wenbo, as well as Zhou Yuelong, Zhao Xintong, Yan Bingtao and Lu Haotian, who were unable to participate in the qualifying rounds due to conflicting Asian chamber schedules, have all moved to the main game. They therefore enjoy a rare home court advantage.


Zhao Xintong, who was born in 1997, is from Shaanxi and officially transferred to his profession last year. Zhao Xintong is a fast-breaking player, known as China’s “Little Rocket”. In fact, the genuine “Rocket” Ronnie O’Sullivan is also very optimistic about him, and often takes the initiative to give him a small stove between games. Zhao Xintong is therefore regarded as one of the most promising Chinese new stars.

Zhao Xintong’s qualifier opponent is Stevens. The 40-year-old “Welsh Dragon” has reached the ranking finals 8 times in his career. One of them was successful and he was strong.

However, on that day, Zhao Xintong, who was “new born calves are not afraid of tigers”, did not make any mistakes. As soon as he came up, he gave his opponent a decisive victory with a beautiful single stroke of 85 points. Stevens had just tied the score with a 50-point stroke, and was beaten back by Zhao Xintong with 89 points. Then Zhao Xintong made another victory 83-26, leading the 2003 British Championships 3-1 by two games.

Stevens got better for a short while, with 60 points on a single stroke to reduce the score to 2-3. However, the remaining time became Zhao Xintong’s special session. The Chinese teenager 54-1 won the sixth game and 94-6 closed the seventh game. In the eighth game, Zhao Xintong, who had won the match point, did not slack off and finished with 127 points in a single stroke. In this way, China’s “Little Rockets” won three games in a row and easily slaughtered the dragon 6-2 and advanced into the main game. In the first round of the race, Zhao Xintong will face Mark Allen, ranked 11th in the world.

Derby defeated Lu Haotian 6-2 in the German Lu, and advanced to the race to face “Golden Left” Mark Williams. Sichuan teenager Zhou Yuelong held a three-shot 60+ and still lost 2-6 to Finnish veteran Hull.


The defending champion Selby brought the China Tour Haining Open champion +147 full points to break the 100 points twice in the game of the day, winning 6-1 over Hegier. In the first round of the race, the world’s number one will face Chinese player Cao Yupeng.

In the first round of the race at the same time, Neil Robertson scored 80 points, 122 points, 57 points, 87 points and 95 points in a single stroke, beating the 2015 China Open’s dark horse runner-up Gary Wilson 6-2 and taking the lead in the top 32. The winner of Hocelt and Holt.

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