The preparation for the Asian room will come to an end. The pool team is confident in the national uniform

With less than a week before the opening of the 2017 Asian Chamber, the training plan of the Chinese pool team has temporarily come to an end. On September 11, the coach of the national team and the participating athletes brought back suitcases with the Chinese logo and team uniforms with bright national flags from the Equipment Center of the State Sports General Administration. Faced with brand-new equipment, the mental outlook of the Chinese Taiwan team has been completely renewed.


A total of 11 players represented China to participate in the 6 sub-items of the billiards event of the Asian Chamber of Commerce. Except for Zhou Yuelong, Zhao Xintong, and Lu Haotian who took time off due to a conflict in the schedule, all the other players arrived at the training base of the Chinese Billiards Association in the Beijing Gymnasium a week ago. In accordance with previous pre-match practices, they received a comprehensive and systematic pre-match training under the leadership of the national team coach.

After just a week, the players all looked full of energy, and both the coach and the players were full of confident smiles. However, unlike the previous “practice to the end”, this training camp was interspersed with large-scale competitions. On the same day, the members of the American billiards national team went to Miyun, Beijing collectively after receiving the equipment, to participate in the Chinese Billiards International Open (Miyun Station), starting the “play by game” mode. Snooker players continue to stay in the academy to complete the remaining training subjects.

“This training camp has several characteristics, one is that the time span is not long, only two weeks. All the American players on the 11th went to Miyun to participate in the Chinese Billiards Championship, so in fact there are only 7 to 8 days of training, including internal trials. In addition, some snooker players are still competing abroad. However, we reasonably arrange training time to ensure training volume and training quality.” Coach Shi Ming said.

Shi Ming and Pang Weiguo can be regarded as old partners in the coaches of the national team. In the last Incheon Asian Chamber Meeting, their partners were also responsible for training and leading the team to participate. At that time, the Chinese billiards team continued to defend the leading position of Chinese billiards in Asia with 3 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze.

“The Asian Chamber is a comprehensive sports meeting, so the pressure on the players is quite high. In addition to technical guidance, the coach also needs to make psychological adjustments for them. Especially in foreign competitions, there are transitions, and the coaches and athletes must overcome them together.” Shi Ming said that, like the previous session, the leaders of the Taiwan Association of China did not set task indicators this time. “The arena is changing rapidly. Our coaching staff requires players to build confidence, believe in themselves, manage their own emotions and rhythm, and strive to compete in the competition. Show your best self in the game. Our opponents are of high level, so from the start of the training, the coaching staff requires the players to adapt to the rhythm of the game.”

According to the schedule, the Chinese pool team will depart from Beijing Capital Airport on the afternoon of the 16th, Beijing time, to Urumqi for a rest and then transfer to Turkmenistan.

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