Miyun Chinese Open with frequent upsets on the first day

The 2017 CBSA Chinese Billiards Miyun International Open kicked off on September 12 at the Youth Palace in Miyun District, Beijing, after four days of qualifying. On the 12th, all the first round and part of the second round of the men’s and women’s sub-groups will be eliminated.


In the match that ended on the 12th, the defending champion Zhang Guanghao encountered the Myanmar player Yang Shaojie of the “Yushan Dark Horse” at the No. 1 table in the men’s division. This strong dialogue ended with the defending champion falling into the defeat and the “dark horse” continued its strong performance. . However, in the losing match on the evening of the 12th, Zhang Guanghao defeated Fu Zheng 9-3 to retain the suspense of defending. The same story also happened with the national team player Dang Jinhu. He first pushed himself into a desperate situation 4-9 and then knocked out the double-defeating Wang Can 9-4, hoping to qualify for today’s losing team.

The national team player Wu Jiaqing experienced Waterloo in the first game and was sent to the losing team by Su Ling 8-9. In today’s winning team, Su Ling will face the test of Dai Yong, who is ranked number one in Chinese billiards. The 2016 CBSA Chinese Billiards World Championship champion Shi Hanqing also had a bad start, losing to Qiao Fengwei 6-9. In the defeat, he met Zhang Shuchun, who was killed by Lu Xin 8-9 in the first battle on the 12th. In the end, Zhang Shuchun’s 5-9 loss to Shi Hanqing and Miyun stopped. Hebei star Shen Chongyang and Inner Mongolia player Wang Xiaoqian who experienced the qualifications were defeated respectively by Yushan Chinese World Championship runner-up Chu Bingjie and Shaanxi star Hao Tian. The two men who met in the defeated team fought hard to the decisive game and finally Shen Chongyang had the last laugh. “Shijiaban head” Shi Xin defeated Snooker national team coach Cai Jianzhong 9-4 to enter the winning division. Cai Jianzhong, who lost one game first, lost to Yu Longhai again 6-9 in the evening game, and regrettably stopped the race for one round.

In the women’s group, the defending champion of the Miyun Chinese Open, Chen Siming, did not leave a chance after 4-2. He defeated Ma Jiao 7-2 and entered the winning team. Jing Siya, who was supervised by her father on the spot, did not perform well. He lost 1-7 to world champion Han Yu and entered the defeat, and lost 4-7 again to Wang Xiaotong and missed the battle. Just after giving birth, Fu Xiaofang, who won the championship at the Chinese Billiards World Championships just after giving birth, had a 7-0 close and He Miao was very close to the winning team and faced his old opponent Yu Jinpeng in the winning team. The latter’s 7-4 victory in his first match was Fu Xiaofang’s fellow student Shi Tianqi. However, Shi Tianqi eliminated He Miao 7-1 in the second game later, remaining in suspense of promotion. The match between Liu Shasha and Gao Meng started at 15:30 today. In the end, Liu Shasha defeated his teammates with a score of 7-1 to enter the winning team. Tomorrow will face Zhang Muyan, who defeated Wang Meiyu, a qualifying contestant, with the same score.

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