The fusion of Chinese and foreign billiards culture and art Yushan translates my country’s “snooker blockbuster”_Billiards_Billiards

From August 6th to 12th, China? Shangrao? Yushan “Red Ruima” Cup 2018 Snooker World Open was held in Yushan, Jiangxi. Picturesque scenery, profound culture, grand scenes and top players come together, like a wonderful “snooker blockbuster.”

The fusion of Chinese and foreign billiards culture and art Yushan translates my country's "snooker blockbuster"_Billiards_Billiards

Big lineup big scene

The 2018 Snooker World Open is the first ranking match in China in the new season. Regardless of specifications, service, meaning and bonuses, it is one of the most important events that players have to pay attention to. The world’s number one Mark Selby, Shinco World Championship champion Mark Williams, Open champion Ding Junhui and Riga Ranking champion Neil Robertson, and other 72 top players in the world, all came to Yushan again to perform together. The beauty of the Knock movement.

In addition, the grand opening ceremony held at the Yushan Qili Street Tourism Complex left a deep impression on thousands of fans at home and abroad. There is a long red carpet in the middle of the ancient street, the antique buildings are lined up on both sides, coupled with the magnificent music, it is like a world-class runway from ancient civilization to modern society, representing the traditional Chinese culture of Yushan. With the pace of the top players to the world together.

The fusion of Chinese and foreign billiards culture and art Yushan translates my country's "snooker blockbuster"_Billiards_Billiards

Big theme, big production

Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it has become one of the important tasks of the current era to promote the people’s satisfaction of the people’s needs for a better life with the development of national fitness sports.

Beginning in 2015, the holding of the 4th Chinese Billiard World Championships and the 3rd Snooker World Open has completely activated Yushan’s sports genes and billiard genes, especially the holding of the current Snooker World Open. This has helped Yushan and even the entire Chinese people participate in the development of billiards. This can be reflected in the opening ceremony. From the babbling children to the elderly, the smiles on their faces are full of love for billiards. According to statistics, the current population of Yushan who regularly participates in physical fitness exercises is as high as 206,000, accounting for 33.2% of the population.

In addition, the “Yushan Star International Billiard Industry” project planned and constructed by Yushan has been progressing rapidly since the foundation was laid last year and is expected to be fully completed by the end of next year. At that time, the cultural industry complex that brings together billiards competitions, cultural creativity, education and training, product development, and historical exhibitions will become a new landmark in the world of billiards. It is estimated that by the end of the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, the total value of Yushan’s sports industry led by billiards will account for more than 5% of the county’s GDP.

The holding of events stimulates the upsurge of national fitness, and national fitness will promote the development of the sports industry. Based on the propositions of the times, Yushan has left a strong mark in the grand blueprint of building a sports power in China.

The fusion of Chinese and foreign billiards culture and art Yushan translates my country's "snooker blockbuster"_Billiards_Billiards

Great culture Great era

Avenue to Jane, time panning for gold. The five thousand years of history and culture have been passed down to this day, and it has become the resilience in the bones of Chinese people and the carrier of the continuation of Chinese thought.

At the Snooker World Open held in Yushan, public welfare activities such as “Billiards Entering Campus” and “Love Welfare Institute” are carried out every year. “We are in Yushan. We are very happy.” Jason Ferguson, chairman of World Snooker, walked into the Yushan County Welfare Institute and excitedly said in Chinese to the elderly and children: “The people of Yushan are very enthusiastic, thank you!”

From the ancient civilization displayed in Qili Street to the traditional excellent culture contained in public welfare activities, it indicates that the snooker movement has truly been “branded in China”. The Yushan Festival is the most accurate description of the “brand”-the deep implantation of traditional Chinese culture. .

Keeping pace with the times has always been the main theme of cultural development. The 2018 Snooker World Open proved the strong tolerance of Chinese culture. “Snooker blockbuster” began in Yushan, precipitated and honed in the integration of Chinese and Western cultures, and finally faced the world with a mature and eye-catching posture. The long and wonderful “snooker blockbuster” will continue, and the soft power of Chinese culture will continue. Show that the future can be expected.

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