Ding Junhui confirms to participate in the Chinese Billiards World Championships, the wonderful expectations of 80 million fans

China·Shangrao·Yushan 2016 CBSA “Shangling Elevator” Cup Chinese Billiards World Championships will ignite on March 13th in Yushan, Jiangxi. After welcoming Snooker, American billiards, Chinese billiards and many other famous players such as Selby, Robertson, Higgins, Ebelton, Jin Jiaying, Fu Xiaofang in 2015, 2016 will usher in more world-famous players. Iconic influential billiard stars, including “Wonder Kid” Ding Junhui.

It is understood that Ding Junhui will return to China on the 13th of this month and arrive at Yushan on the 15th to participate in the opening ceremony and the main race starting on the 17th. This is destined to be a world-class top event with the world’s top big names as the protagonist, and a world-class event with shining stars. Obviously, with Ding Junhui’s World Championships, it has attracted more attention.

The billiard economy driven by Ding Junhui

When it comes to sports events, people think of the NBA, the World Cup, table tennis, etc. How did these events become household names around the world? Celebrity. Jordan, Messi, Ronaldo, Zhang Yining, etc. have all driven competitions in various fields. Without their outstanding performances, people would not be able to appreciate the excitement of these events.

In the field of billiards, Ding Junhui almost drove the entire Chinese billiards, including Chinese billiards, and also made the world billiards industry bottom out. Only today has snooker, Chinese billiards, and fancy nine-ball stand together, and all kinds of competitions flourish. . Ding Junhui plays the ball calmly and steadily, good at thinking, and fine handling of the ball. He came into contact with billiards at the age of 8, and won the third place in the Asian invitation at the age of 13, and the title of “prodigy” has spread like wildfire. In his career, he won 11 Snooker Ranking Championships (the fifth time in a single season to rule the roost in a large ranking tournament, tying Hendry’s record), 2 PTC sub-station championships and 1 Wembley Masters championship, A total of 6 single shots of 147. In the quarter-finals of the 2016 Snooker Welsh Open, Ding Junhui scored 147 points for his sixth career, which is also the official 117th 147 points. In recent years, Ding Junhui’s psychological quality and skills have become more stable, and his results have become better and better. The status of the “one brother” in Chinese billiards has gradually established, which has also laid the foundation for participating in the Chinese billiards World Championships.

In fact, as the star of Chinese billiards, Ding Junhui has almost no one to replace in the fans’ minds. His ability to participate in the Chinese Billiards World Championship is a recognition of this competition and a great support for the development of Chinese billiards. After all, China is the birthplace of Chinese billiards. He has also received the influence of Chinese billiards and is willing to contribute his own strength to the development of Chinese billiards. The prominent star effect may promote more people in China and even the world to understand and recognize this sport, enter the Chinese billiard arena to appreciate the sports that big names like, and further promote the emergence of more stars in the field of Chinese billiards, and drive Chinese billiards to enter Sound development track. At the same time, this easy-to-learn sport can improve the physical and mental health of more people in the world.

World-class top competitions, world-class top stars, world-class top brands, world-class fans, world-class government-enterprise strong cooperation, so that China’s billiard industry has a sustainable and strong driving force. Table tennis, badminton, baseball, running and other sports industries suitable for participation by the whole people can learn from the development of the billiard industry and go out of their own development path. The 2016 CBSA “Shangling Elevator” Cup Chinese Billiards World Championship is coming soon, and Ding Junhui will also come to interpret the excitement of world-class events and the future of the sports industry.

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