Pan Xiaoting was selected as the 2018 fashion cross-border pioneer simple female skirt hidden mystery

Not long ago, the 2018 Fashion Trends Choice Awards Ceremony kicked off. “The Queen of Nine Balls” Pan Xiaoting was invited to participate in this Starlight Festival and won the honor of “Fashion Trend Cross-Border Marketing Pioneer” in 2018. The “nine ball queen” on the game field and the “changeable goddess” off the field have gradually gained recognition from all walks of life for their main performance of continuously surpassing themselves.

On the night of the theme event, Pan Xiaoting appeared in a simple black and white stitching dress. The black and white colors of the eight waters around Chang’an have been tailored and blended into one, and they are more integrated under Pan Xiaoting’s aura. However, This set of luggage seems to be otherwise special, as explained by “cross-border marketing”, the overall unity is unbounded. Looking at Pan Xiaoting’s multiple identities outside the football field, whether it is a professional racer, an e-sports god, or a “seat guest” in the fashion circle, the cross-border marketing journey attributable to her is indeed a guarantee of “unbounded”. No matter what kind of place, it is the best situation to appear in the sight of the masses. Many netizens mistakenly believe that the old sportsman is a tireless “three mothers”. Nai knows that he needs to be a player. Quality. Therefore, Pan Xiaoting, who is active in various industries in everyone’s eyes, only changes in the title of her real identity, and the sports spirit that will not change in her heart is an indispensable prerequisite for her to become a better “cross-border marketer”. condition.

Pan Xiaoting’s good user reviews won by cross-border marketing and nurturing his favorite mass sports are worthy of the title of “pioneer”. In addition, it is also to get rid of the definition of “cross-border marketing” and implement a player on the road of “unbounded” Corporate social responsibility.

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