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Xingpai pool table. Following the qualifiers of the American national pool training team, from July 22 to 26, 2019, the guy qualifier was held in Beijing CBSA Global Snooker School. After three rounds of replacements, Zheng Xiaohuai and Kong Dejing finally succeeded in highlighting the encirclement and becoming a new force in the national training team.

Billiards talent training, selection and the basic construction of talent echelon has always been the top priority in the work of Xingpai Billiards. In June 2019, in the CBSA Global Snooker School, the selection of the women’s American billiards national training team was first held. Among the 10 people who met the conditions for registration, Liu Xiazhi and Zhang Muyan became big winners and added the national training team.

There are currently 10 contestants who have signed up for this qualifier. They are Kong Dejing, Miller, Pan Chen, Zhou Long, Shen Shenyi, Shen Xinyang, Liu Jie, Feng Liaochang, Shi Wenhai and Zheng Xiaohuai.

In 5 days, all the contestants carried out a total of 66 events. The tournament uses a single round-robin system, with 10 in the first round, 6 in the second round, 4 in the second round, and 4 in the third round. The final exam results of each contestant will be ranked according to the points of all competitions.

According to the points ranking, after the first round of the competition, Zheng Xiaohuai, Pan Chen, Miller, Kong Dejing, Zhou Long and Shen Shenyi won. In the second round, the top four contestants were Zheng Xiaohuai, Pan Chen, Miller and Kong Dejing.

After the second round, Zheng Xiaohuai was able to see other contestants with a total of 27 points, so the young players didn’t need to sign up for the third round and immediately became the first promoted contestant. Among the remaining three groups, Kong Dejing used the advantages of two consecutive victories to highlight the success of the encirclement and was added to the national training team.

At this point, the selection of the national training team for American billiards has been completed. The Xingpai billiards table uses a fair, just, fair, public, and transparent method to select 4 outstanding young players for the national training team. Adding to the introduction of new forces for my country’s national pool of American billiards training team. In the future, Liu Xiazhi, Zhang Muyan, Zheng Xiaohuai, and Kong Dejing will overcome difficulties with the older generations and win a lot of honors for our country.

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