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China·Shangrao·Yushan 2019 CBSA “Yaqi Group” Cup Chinese Billiards World Championship is about to kick off. Recently, the relevant competition system and schedule of the 2019 Chinese Billiards World Championships have been formulated. Many strong players from home and abroad will attack the total prize money of more than 3 million.

This tournament is the fifth time that Jiangxi Yushan has become associated with the Chinese Billiards World Championships. Beginning in 2015, this is currently the world’s highest prize money, highest level, and largest event with independent intellectual property rights of the Chinese Billiards Association held here every year. The world’s top players such as Selby, Robertson, Trump, and Higgins, who are now dominating the snooker stage, have experienced the charm of Chinese billiards at the World Championships held in Yushan.

The competition is still divided into two major competition parts, the qualifying and the main competition. The qualifying competition lasts for six days and will be held from March 15th to 20th. It is divided into four groups: the international men’s group, the international women’s group, the domestic men’s group and the domestic women’s group. -20th is the international group competition; the main race lasts for five days and will be held from March 22nd to 26th. The women’s championship will be decided on the afternoon of the 26th. The men’s group championship will be competed in the evening, and then there will be the entire competition. Awards and closing ceremonies.

In terms of competition system, the qualifiers will be single-elimination. The men’s team will use 13 rounds with 7 wins and the women’s team will use 9 rounds with 5 wins. The games will be played in the Yushan County No. 1 Middle School Gymnasium, Yushan County Dynasty International Hotel, and Yushan County Yutai International Hotel. The playing field takes place.

Main match schedule

The main race is divided into two stages of double elimination and single elimination. The first stage of the competition is divided into international men (32 players), international women (16 players), domestic men (32 players), and domestic women (16 players). Four groups are used for competition; double elimination is adopted, each group of 8 people, taking turns to kick-off, the men’s game uses 17 games with 9 wins, and the women’s game uses 13 games with 7 wins.

Starting from March 24th, a total of 32 players from the international men’s group and domestic men’s group will be mixed, and a total of 16 players from the international women’s group and domestic women’s group will be mixed. The competition officially enters the knockout round we are familiar with (single knockout round). ) Is coming.

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