World Games Chen Siming wins women’s 9-ball gold medal, Chinese billiards set the best in history

On the evening of July 30, the 10th (2017) World Games reached its climax in Wroclaw, a city in southwestern Poland. In the women’s 9-ball final, Chen Siming played well and beat South Korea’s “Little Witch” Jin Jiaying 9-3 and won the gold medal. This was the first time that a Chinese athlete stood on the highest podium in the World Games billiards event. At this point, all billiard events of the current World Games have come to an end, and Chinese billiard players have set the best results in the history of the World Games with one gold and one bronze.


The four-year World Games is a large-scale world comprehensive sports meeting for non-Olympic events. Billiards became a game of the World Games in 2001. As for Chinese players, Ding Junhui and Liang Wenbo won back the silver medal in snooker for the Chinese team at the 2005 World Games in Germany and the 2013 World Games in Colombia.

In this competition, China sent four outstanding athletes to participate in the competition of billiards. Chen Siming, who was the world’s number one finalist in the women’s 9-ball event, performed the most eye-catching. In the first round, she won the American veteran Jennifer Baretta 9-7, and in the second round she defeated the Russian player Kristina Tkach 9-2. In the semifinals, Chen Siming made persistent efforts to win the Philippine star Cheska Centeno 9-6, and the final final with South Korean “little witch” Kim Jiaying.

The game was based on a 17-round 9-win system. Chen Siming fell behind 0-2 and adjusted his state in time, winning three consecutive rounds and overtook Jin Jiaying 3-2. In the 4th inning, Chen Siming putt and defended after kick-off. Jin Jiaying took the cue ball and jumped out of the table. With this free kick, Chen Siming overtook his opponent 4-2 in two innings.

Jin Jiaying had just pulled back a round, and was successfully suppressed by Chen Siming. In the end, Chen Siming, who had just reached the top of the 9-ball China Open not long ago, beat Jin Jiaying 9-3 and won the women’s 9-ball gold medal. This was the first time that a Chinese player stood on the highest podium in the World Games billiards event. on.

Four years ago at the Colombian World Games, Chen Siming lost to Jin Jiaying and stopped in the semi-finals. Today, Chen Siming successfully won a beautiful turnaround. While setting a personal success, he also opened a new page for Chinese billiards.

In the third and fourth place competition yesterday afternoon, local time, Han Yu, who had won the Women’s 9-Ball World Championships for the second time at the end of last year, beat the Philippine star Cheska Centeno 9-3 and won a bronze medal for the Chinese team.

For men’s 9 goals, 33-year-old Filipino Carlo Biado beat England’s Jason Shaw 11-7 to win the men’s 9 goals gold medal, and Japan’s Naoyuki Oi won the bronze medal.

The snooker final started between the highest-ranked Wilson and Carter. In the end, the new post-90s Karen Wilson 3-1 Lectra, who is now ranked 13th in the world, “Captain” Carter, during which Carter fell 0-2 behind. In the third game, he scored 113 points to save a match point, and Wilson, who ranked 11th, then sealed the victory with 77 points on a single stroke.

In the snooker competition for third and fourth place, even though Chinese teenager Xu Si had a two-shot 80+ performance, he still lost 2-3 against Iranian Vahdi and passed the bronze medal. Despite this, the four-man Chinese team achieved the best record of the Chinese Taiwanese team in the history of the World Games with one gold and one bronze.

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