Han Yu Wang also competes against Chen Si understands the pigeon to advance

On December 21st, the first day of the 2016 CBSA “Shengda Xinde” Cup Chinese Billiards China Classic was finished. All the top 16 women’s teams came out. They were Chen Siming, Xu Hong, Ji Hongyue, Yang Ye, Shi Tianqi, Pan Lantian, Han Yu, Wang Ye, Bai Ge, Wang Meiyu, Jing Siya, Cong Jing, Zhang Xiaotong, Li Mengfan, Yu Jinpeng, Wang Tianyi.

Chen Siming and Han Yu, the two national team members, showed their decent strength on the first day, defeating their opponents one after another and advancing to the top 16. And Wang Ye’s fiery state can be described by the word “terror”. Not only did he close his opponent Wu Mengmeng, he also staged a series of good dramas to clear Taiwan, and he succeeded in victory. In the 1/8 finals, Han Yujiang, the new women’s 9-ball World Championship champion, and Wang, who had just been crowned champion in the Chinese Billiards China Open, also staged a strong showdown. Can Han Yu defend the glory of the “Queen”? Whether Wang Ye can beat Han Yu and continue on the road to re-elect the championship, let us wait and see.

And the Chinese Billiards World Championship champion Baige won the tiebreaker in a contest with former Chinese Billiards China Open champion Chen Xue and successfully advanced.

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