PTC finals: Ding Junhui pulls four consecutive rounds to make a big reversal and wins the sixth personal championship

In the early morning of March 18th, Beijing time, the 2012/13 Snooker PTC finals came to an end at the National University of Ireland’s Bailey-Allen Hall. Ding Junhui, our country’s player, won four consecutive games after falling behind 0 to 3 in the final. In the game, they defeated Australian world champion Neil Robertson 4-3 and won the sixth World Ranking Tournament trophy in his personal career!

In this week, Ding Junhui defeated Andrew Higginson, Anthony McGill and Mark Allen in three games of 4 to 3, and defeated Norwegian Kurt Mafulin 4-0 in the semi-finals to enter the final. In the case of 0 to 3 behind, Ding Junhui shot two 50+ and one shot broke 100, chasing the game points to 2 to 3, and the opponent cleared the table with a 30-point lead to drag the game into the decisive game. In the crucial sixth game, Ding Junhui used the opportunity left by the opponent to miss the ball and scored 98 points in a single stroke, completing an incredible miraculous reversal and winning the PTC finals in Ireland.

This is Ding Junhui waiting for the top of the rankings 13 months after the 2012 Welsh Open. This win brought Ding Junhui 3000 points in the world rankings. Currently Ding Junhui surpassed Bingham in the provisional world rankings and rose to one place. In the eighth place, Ding Junhui also laughed at a prize of 100,000 pounds for the championship.

In an interview after winning the championship, Ding Junhui said: “Neil (Robertson) played very well in the opening stage. I didn’t really get any chances. The cue ball control in the first few games was not ideal. I wasted a few opportunities. , And he punished me every time I left a chance. There was nothing I could not afford to lose when I was behind 0 to 3. I just did my best.”

When the host mentioned the unforgettable score of 147 the day before, Ding Junhui amused the audience: “The most happy thing is that I won the championship (laughs)!”

Robertson failed to hold the victory with a 3-0 lead. Thunder Australia, who has reached the finals for two consecutive years, said: “Compared with my performance in the semi-finals, the first three games are a big improvement. I really just Waiting for an opportunity. I really didn’t see a (possible) ball before I was chased to 3-2. I took advantage of that opportunity to score 44 points. At this time, Curry bounced back a bit strongly and lost the opportunity to continue attacking the red ball. Change to the safety ball. Ding Junhui hit a very risky safety ball, which was very effective and dragged the game into the deciding round. I lost the long red ball…”

In a 3-2 lead, Ding Junhui overtook the score and made a mistake to set up snooker for himself. The two sides made a rare and wonderful offensive and defensive transition at this time. Robertson said: “He made himself a snooker with a yellow ball. I think that was my chance. Maybe I could use this opportunity to win this game. In the end, he did me a shot, I did him a shot, and he did me a shot again… Maybe today It’s not my day!”

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